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Lee Sung Kyung Has Nothing But Love For Kim Go Eun

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"Kim Go Eun? Well, she's the embodiment of lovableness," Lee Sung Kyung gushed about her good friend.

She continued by sharing a story about Kim Go Eun's reaction to her kiss scene with Nam Joo Hyuk:"Even though she was hectic filming 'Goblin,' she still called me to state, 'Family shouldn't be doing things like that! What are you two doing?!' Kim Go Eun is genuinely an innocent and adorable good friend."

When asked if she's been seeing her pal's drama, " Goblin, "Lee Sung Kyung replied," I wasn't able to view all of it because of my recording schedule. Instead, I monitored it through video clips."

She continued by jokingly expressing her "jealousy": "Kim Go Eun is revealing just how cute she is with her acting in this drama. It's the cuteness only I must be seeing. I'm concerned somebody might take her away. I demanded her to show that kind of adorableness only to me."

Lee Sung Kyung completed off by truly applauding Kim Go Eun for being a terrific pal.

"She has the tendency to be shy when fulfilling new people. Nevertheless, she is genuinely a capitivating individual," Lee Sung Kyung said. "The woman that smiles like a lovable, innocent puppy in 'Goblin' is the genuine Kim Go Eun. On the phone, she steers away from the common 'Hi?' and warmly welcomes me by calling my name. I desire to make some time to rapidly go and see her."

"Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" aired its last episode on January 11.

If you have not seen the drama yet, take a look at the first episode listed below!

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