Trump heads to Florida for meeting with China’s Xi

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WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump departed on Thursday (Apr 6) for Florida for his very first face-to-face conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the middle of tensions over North Korea, trade and other issues.Air Force One left from Joint Base Andrews in rainy weather shortly after 12.30 pm (12.30 am Singapore time Friday).

Few details have been released on the leaders' agenda apart from plans for Trump and Xi to dine on Thursday night at the president's Mar-a-Lago estate with their respective partners Melania Trump and Peng Liyuan before holding a series of conferences on Friday.The Republican politician president, whose position on China has actually remained in flux, will be carefully looked for signals regarding the instructions of United States relations with the rising Asian giant under his administration.

"It's going to be very fascinating. Nobody actually knows," Trump stated on Fox News prior to his departure.Reaffirming his dim view

of US-Chinese trade relations, Trump insisted the United States has actually" not been dealt with relatively on trade for many, several years." "No president has taken care of this the method

they must have,"he added.According to diplomatic sources in Beijing, Xi may make

concessions on trade and investment if he obtains guarantees that Washington will renounce a big arms deal with Taiwan.Washington has actually been pressing Beijing for weeks to step up the pressure on North Korea over its nuclear

weapons program and rocket tests."We have a huge issue with North Korea and we are going to see what takes place. We're visiting exactly what takes place,"Trump stated

."We'll be in there pitching and I think we are going to do extremely well,"he said.On Thursday, Pyongyang threatened to provide "the most callous blow"if there is"even the tiniest provocation"from the United States.


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