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Everything you need to know about the Japan Rail Pass

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“To travel around Japan you certainly need a Japan Rail Pass”. Sounds familiar? I make sure you’ve heard this million times over. Baffled? Not surprised, I was too, when I kept finding out about the evasive Japan Rail Pass without an idea about exactly what it really is, how it works and exactly what is the point buying one. Going to great food, bizarre culture and weird customs. When I first got here to Tokyo, everything appeared quite alien, yet I kept an open mind and had a favorable attitude, wanting to learn all of it and experience whatever Japanese.
My journeys in Japan have been fun and made easy by the Japanese trains as they were exceptionally tidy, quick and constantly on time. The bullet train (the Shinkansen) is without a doubt the best way to take a trip around Japan, although I must admit, the Japanese regional trains will not disappoint either. Everything has a location, everything is well arranged and everything is instinctive … when you comprehend how it works that is. For the inexperienced, the JR lines can be confusing and this is exactly why I created this Japan Rail Pass guide. This post will assist you comprehend how everything works and what you need to do so you delight in a comprehensive adventure all around Japan.

What is the Japan Rail Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass is a brilliant Japanese creation which enables any foreigner to use almost all Japanese trains for 7, 14 or 21 days for a portion of the regular price. You simply have to reveal your JR pass before going through the gates to the platforms. You can travel anywhere you want, and journeys consist of Tokyo to Kyoto, and even Tokyo to Kagoshima or Hokkaidō. If you want to circumnavigate Japan, this is most likely the best investment you can make, as otherwise, JR train tickets have the tendency to be quite expensive. How does the Japan Rail Pass work? You need to decide for

how long you want to desire for. You can do 7

, 14 or 21 days with your Japan Rail Pass. Second, you have to keep in mind that you should purchase the JR Pass online as the Japan Rail Coupon will get to your door action, in your house country. Take the voucher with you and as soon as you arrive in Japan, you can switch it for the real thing at any JR offices in all major train stations. Once you have your epic Japan Rail Pass, your alternatives are unlimited.
Travel around as much as you want. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that if you wish to have a seat reserved, you need to go to the JR counters and inquire to reserve a seat for your upcoming journey. This is entirely free of charge, consisted of in your Japan Rail Pass expense. It is likewise inconvenience totally free, as all you have to do is show your Japan Rail Pass and inform them where and when you wish to leave. Please note that your Japan Rail Pass can not be used for travel on Nozomi and Mizuho
trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen lines. Pointer: For train journeys towards the Kansai region, make certain you schedule your seat beforehand, to guarantee you can see mount Fuji. Absolutely nothing better than consuming some sushi from a

bento box whilst gazing at the beautiful mountain from a Shinkansen. Should I buy a Japan Rail Pass? This truly depends, are you going to travel at all? If you just wish to go up to Nagano for the

Snow Monkey Park, then probably it’s unworthy you paying for a Japan Rail Pass . If you are preparing a return trip to Kyoto however, understand that the train tickets costs simply as much as purchasing the JR Pass for one week! Having a JR Pass also enables plenty of versatility. How much does it cost? The JR Pass is rather pricey, but if you wind up utilizing the Shinkansen quite a lot, then it’s

well worth it. I used it for

Nagano, going to Kyoto, walking around Kyoto and back to Tokyo. 7 days: 29,110 YEN or$280 2 Week: 46,390 YEN or$462 21 days: 59,350 YEN or$591(Note: Costs in$
might vary depending upon the currency exchange rate. These prices have been updated
in July 2016)Where can I get one

? I purchased my Japan Rail Pass from this business.

My JR coupon got here in less than 2 weeks, together with more info about ways to utilize it, a JR line map and a Japanese train timetable. Make certain you allow plenty of time for your coupon to arrive but do not order it earlier than 3 months prior to your departure to Japan. Can I purchase a Japan Rail Pass in Japan? Regrettably not! Remember to purchase it in advance, otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of traveling with

a Japan Rail Pass. I don’t want to

bother with the Japan Rail Pass, what then? You can buy your train tickets right at the train station whilst in Japan.

Just know that if you desire to take a trip a lot, the train ticket expenses may build up and you will wind up paying more. Finest thing is to prepare ahead. I hope this worked and comprehensive, however if you have more concerns about the Japan Rail Pass, please let me know in the comments area bellow.