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“Dragon Ball Super”returns with episode 80, Gohan and Lavenda’s battle. However, one opponent from Universe 11 seems to steal the fans’attention, the black-hooded man.”

Dragon Ball Super” returns with episode 80, Gohan and Lavenda’s fight. One opponent from Universe 11 seems to take the fans’ attention, the black-hooded guy.

Who Is The Mystical Black-Hooded Man In Episode 79?

In the previous episode, during the battle of Majin Buu against Basil, one of Vermoud’s teammates from Universe 11 absorbs Kid Buu’s attack. According to

Comicbook, the mysterious black-hooded guy is named Toppo. Toei Animation’s main website reveals the identity of the staying characters that are set to appear in the Universal Legend Arc. Among the brand-new faces in the program is Toppo.

The black-hooded person in episode 79 leads “The Proud Troopers” in Universe 11. His look in the last chapter appears to be a bit concealed due to his attire, Toppo is actually a gigantic warrior.

Based upon his character description, he has a tan skin with yellow eyes and white mustache that covers his mouth. In brief, he is an alien humanoid. Under his black attire, he wears a red and black spandex suit.

Toppo is stated to be extremely obedient to the God which the viewers witnesses when Buu plans to assault one of them.

In regards to his power, he is in fact being thought about to become among the God of Damage. This alone recommends that he may be among the most powerful challengers of the other universes. With one hand, he was able to capture Majin Buu’s attack and with two hands, he had the ability to disperse it in a breeze.

‘Dragon Ball Super’: Vegeta’s Challenger Might Be Toppo, The “Black-Hooded Man”

Considering that his look, some speculates that he may be among the most powerful aces of Universe 11. Others even declare that he might be Vegeta’s opponent in the upcoming episodes. The Fan Person review video, the storyteller declares that Toppo would be a perfect match for Vegeta. Aside from their abilities, both of them are considered to be a candidate to become among the Gods.

For starters, while Toppo is already close to being among the Gods, Vegeta, in some way, is also considered. This is after when Whis accepts train him in one condition, he must be prepared to end up being one of the God of Damage.

Concern think of it, as per the video evaluation, a battle in between two God of Destruction prospects is a terrific competition.

“Dragon Ball Super” returns on Feb. 26.

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