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Free WiFi On JetBlue (Free!) And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post initially appeared on Forbes)Here are five things in technology that occurred this previous week and how they impact your service. Did you miss them?

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all include more video marketing options.

Statements simply today: Facebook is to start evaluating ads that will run in the middle of posted videos. Instagram introduces full-screen advertisements in its"stories "and uses new tools to business with a" business profile"to see their stories 'reach, impressions, replies and exits. YouTube has included" extremely chats "that enable paying viewers to post messages in intense colors to stick out more-- a terrific way for feedback and engagement.

Why this is essential for your business:

Social media today is everything about pay-to-play. All the major services are pressing to monetize through advertisements. Your task is to select the very best platform (where your audience is) and make the most of the functions offered to obtain the most reach. Smart managers will recognize with all these tools.

JetBlue now provides totally free WiFi on domestic flights.

Jamie Perry, vice president of marketing at the airline company, said, "It's 2017 and our clients expect to be connected everywhere, whether that be from the convenience of their sofa or 35,000 feet above it." You will not even have to wait on the plane to get to a cruising elevation to go on the internet either. (Source: Consumerist)Why this is very important for your company

: I make sure you do not need me to spell this out for you. And for somebody who frequently pays through the nose to get an awful connection on GoGo Inflight, this benefit might be the tipping point for me (and other service tourists) to schedule more flights with JetBlue.

Microsoft introduces a scheduling app.

Called StaffHub, it will become part of Office 365 and is indicated for managers to utilize as a way to arrange shifts and for staff members to acquire quick access to their schedules. Staff members can even ask for shift changes-- all from a mobile gadget. The Marks Group is a Microsoft Partner. (Source: VentureBeat)Why this is essential for your company

: This is yet another function of Office 365 that requires to be checked out by your company, particularly if you have a great deal of "deskless" employees with work shifts and if you remain in the retail, hospitality or dining establishment market. It's all part of the plan.

Researchers at MIT have established a compound that is 10 times as strong as steel.

It's called 3D graphene, and the research study group found that by compressing little flakes of graphene under heat and pressure, they could create strong, steady permeable structures that were similar to coral. The material has only 5 percent of the density of steel. (Source: New Atlas)Why this is necessary for

your service: According to the New Atlas piece, this material, and the technology used to produce it, could be applied to "other materials varying from polymers to structural concrete." In addition, the "porous structures could be used in filtering systems for water or chemical plants." I'm believing higher and stronger structures, faster aircrafts, more affordable cars and trucks ... a big effect on all these markets.

Capital One includes HR and money flow tools to its item list.

Capital One ® Glow Company ® already offers a suite of monetary tools for doing electronic banking. This week the bank added Gusto, an effective and popular personnels management application to the mix as well as accounts payable management tool Capital One patronizes of my company, The Marks Group. (Source: Capital One press release)

Why this is essential for your service:

Over the next few years, I predict that a lot of larger banks will be doing what Capital One is doing: bringing more and more accounting, service and financial technologies to its small company consumers that integrate with its own electronic banking system. For organisations like ours, it means quicker and much better data entry and reporting. But will banks eventually become accounting software application business one day, too?

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