February recap: 5 trending topics to spark watercooler conversation (Sponsored Content by belVita)

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In all probability, your early morning looks a little like this: You struck snooze 3 times on your mobile phone, dive out of bed like a madman twenty minutes before you’re expected to be at work, and get halfway to the office before understanding you’re using mismatched shoes. And forget about checking out the news– you’re more concerned about the e-mails piling up in your inbox prior to 9 a.m.

That’s why in 2017, we’re adding a little oomph to your early morning with monthly re-caps of a few of the most viral, conversation-worthy hits on the internetz. Consider this your ICYMI monthly upgrade on the trending topics everyone has actually been ringing about at the watercooler.

Here’s what February needed to use:

The Huge Video game’s huge upset had the internet all atwitter (literally)

This year’s huge video game was one that makes sure to decrease in history. We enjoyed the New England Patriots make absolutely nothing except an amazing return versus the Atlanta Falcons; the web was split between outright elation for the Pats and complete devastation about the underdog’s harsh loss in the game’s final seconds.

Girl Gaga emerged as the runner-up MVP of the evening, literally swooping into the halftime program to steal the spotlight. Her spectacular vocals advised everyone that she’s a seriously talented person– and Twitter didn’t cannot immediately turn her aerial entryway into an immediate meme. In a strange throwback, users on the internet likewise mentioned some crazy resemblances between a 2012 Simpsons episode and the aesthetic appeals of Gaga’s halftime program.

Valentine’s Day offered us glances of the best (and worst) boyfriends

Whether you’re a diehard Valentine’s Day fan or consider it simply a Hallmark holiday, you can’t help but smile at some of the viral content that became an outcome of this February 14.

Some boyfriends took the opportunity to mercilessly troll their sweethearts– like the person who encouraged his gf via text that he was whisking her away on a romantic vacation, just to reveal the actual surprise: Tickets to a Champions League football match. However all hope is not lost for those who like love. The Facebook page “Sweethearts of Instagram” went viral this February, featuring a series of images of dedicated men going to severe lengths to guarantee their sweethearts look fly af. Now that’s true love.

Google offered this enthusiastic 7-year-old a lovable truth check

Landing a job at a leading tech company is difficult– however don’t inform that to this 7-year-old girl, who took a page out of the Silicon Valley Task Applicant Handbook and revealed some major proactivity by applying to a task at Google. She sent out in her” application “after perusing the business’s online careers website. The letter (addressed “Dear google boss”) got a sweet reply from Google, motivating her to reapply after she completed school and offering sage advice that “you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.”

The young– incredibly young– professional who penned the letter also hinted at a couple alternative professions, in case the entire Google thing does not exercise: chocolate factory employee and swimming in the Olympics.

Exactly what a #GirlBoss relocation. This kid is going places.

A huge Oscars flub stunned the home entertainment industry

The entire world was shocked at this year’s Academy Awards, as the announcement for Finest Image was, well … a little … off. Stars of the originally revealed film, La La Land, were midway through an acceptance speech when the true winner, Moonlight, was exposed. The secret of the mix-up was solved when PwC accountants stepped forward to admit guilt for the envelope swap.

The web reacted in its usual manner: With an outcry of tweets, memes and well-rounded shock. Meryl Streep’s face basically sums it up. Ryan Gosling, La La Land star, likewise had a quite legendary reaction to the incident … that just made us like him even more.

Upcoming: SpaceX making big moves

In the coming days and weeks, watch on SpaceX, the company led by Elon Musk that’s making massive moves within the aeronautics and aerospace industries. The business recently announced that it prepares to send 2 tourists on a trip around the moon in late 2018.

It’s an enthusiastic goal, to say the least– however also a very interesting one. In a memo on the business’s website, SpaceX thanks NASA for its assistance and involvement, and indicates that the travelers have actually currently put down a “substantial deposit” for the moon mission.

SpaceX has primarily been focused on its main mission– to ultimately allow the colonization of Mars– this latest statement sheds light on a few of the company’s short-term goals, including, apparently, lunar tourism.

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