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Google Can Now Design A Dress Based On Your Activity…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post originally appeared on Forbes )Here are 5 things in innovation that happened this previous week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1-- Google and seller H&M are collaborating to make you the ideal tailored gown ... by utilizing your information.

You might wish to take a seat for this one. Utilizing information drawn from your travels, your dinners, where you're going at night and throughout the day and what the weather condition is, merchant H&M is utilizing Google's Awareness API to create your very own customized, customized gown. Now, the app is only readily available to a handful of style "influencers." (Source: TechCrunch)Why this is essential for your organisation

: As this innovation evolves, and if you're prepared to invest, you will likewise be able to use this data to suggest foods, fashions and other things that you offer to your consumers as quickly as they stroll in the door. Creepy? Sure! However these types of personal analytics will take customer relationship management to another level in the next couple of years.

2-- Pinterest users can now "Store the Appearance" from pinned images.

Pinterest has introduced new mobile tools that will help users browse with their cams, connect related products to the items they're browsing for and offer "personalized pin recommendations" for easy getting. (Source: Forbes) Why this is essential for your company:

Pinterest has 150 million month-to-month active users and, depending upon your service, many are or could be your customers. These functions could help incentivize those customers into purchasing more of your items.

3-- Facebook is experimenting with brand-new algorithms to combat against discriminating advertisements.

Oops ... Facebook was letting its advertisers discriminate by race, and that kind of thing doesn't discuss too well these days. The business revealed that its advertisers are "not to discriminate based upon age, color, impairment, ethnic background, household status, gender, gender identity, hereditary or medical condition, national origin, race or faith." The social media network is also executing artificial intelligence that "flags ads for employment, real estate or credit." (Source: Engadget)Why this is crucial for your business

: Whatever your intentions, if your Facebook marketing was targeted to demographics that might be thought about discriminatory, you're going to have to change.

4-- Square has released a full-blown retail application.

It's called Square for Retail, and it not just does transactions, but also handles inventory with alerts and purchase orders. (Source: PYMNTS)Why this is essential for your service

: If you're using Square for payments and another retail stock or POS system, here's your possibility to bring all of it under one umbrella-- which might increase performance and lower mistakes. Square for Retail expenses $60 a month per register with a 2.75 percent payment processing cost.

5-- FedEx is pursuing little services with brand-new services.

The shipping giant has actually launched an online fulfillment service called FedEx Satisfaction that it states will help "smaller companies meet orders from several channels, consisting of orders that are put on Amazon." The brand-new service will manage tasks "through an integrated online platform for selling and stock management" and will likewise "track shipment status and offer analytics." (Source: FedEx

) Why this is necessary for your business:

More tools and more options cannot be a bad thing if you're planning to manage your shipments more efficiently and keep expenses down. FedEx consumers will likely be delighted.

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