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Microsoft And LinkedIn Officially Tie The Knot And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post originally appeared on Forbes )Here are five things in innovation that happened this previous week and how they impact your company. Did you miss them?

1-- Microsoft and LinkedIn are formally married.

The tech giant finished its roughly $26 billion acquisition of the social media business today. (Source: Wall Street Journal)Why this is very important for your business:

LinkedIn is probably the most popular social media platform amongst businesses and experts. With access to that data, try to find numerous Microsoft items, especially Workplace 365 apps, to allow clients to rapidly and quickly view and integrate info that was formerly not readily available to them. Will your Outlook contacts morph into LinkedIn contacts? Yes, they will. Will you be reminded in LinkedIn to update Windows? Sadly, I'm anticipating that, too. (My business, The Marks Group, is a Microsoft Partner.)

2-- Amazon has formally disrupted the grocery business.

The planned new brand name of grocery and corner store will launch in 2017 in Seattle and will be called Amazon Go. Amazon Go promises that consumers will have the ability to take things off the shelf and pay for them immediately through their mobile app to avoid lines and lower internal staff, all based upon the current innovation that I make certain will work simply completely each time. (Source: Forbes) Why this is necessary for your business:

If all this beacon, mobile, stock, payment and Internet-of-Things works (and, as anybody knows, that's a huge if), Amazon Go will not only interfere with the grocery and corner store service but likewise the entire retail market. If you're a merchant, this is the future, and you'll have to be prepared to provide the very same level of fast, technology-based client service to contend in the years to come.

3-- Small-business cloud platform Xero now integrates with Apple Pay.

If you're not utilizing a cloud-based accounting application, you will be. That's where the industry is going. Xero presently has 862,000 subscribers (consisting of some customers of my business which we serve), and now their clients can see and pay their billings with Apple Pay through Stripe where Apple Pay is offered. (Source: ZDNet)Why this is very important for your business

: If you're a Xero user or considering a cloud-based accounting application, you'll wish to make certain it's a good, fast experience for your consumers. Xero chief technology officer Craig Walker said that "attaching a payment option to online billings assists Xero clients make money almost 80 percent quicker than billings that don't utilize a payment service."

4-- Slack is accompanying Google to take on Microsoft Teams.

Slack, the popular business messaging service, is partnering with Google to offer an enhanced set of features in the wake of Microsoft's current launch of its Microsoft Teams product. (Source: The Verge )Why this is very important for your

company: My forecast is that the majority of businesses, both small and large, will be standardizing on collaboration software to handle all their interactions in one location, and the battle appears to be boiling down to Slack vs. Microsoft (and possibly Facebook-- see below). To up the game, Slack is now incorporating with Google Drive, which will make its app "far more helpful for completing jobs without having to jump in and out of different app windows." This combination will enable users to get a more "comprehensive preview" of their Google Drive contents right within Slack.

5-- Oh, Slack and Microsoft? Facebook wishes to join you, too!

Not to be outshined, the social media company has announced a new application to compete against Slack, Microsoft Teams and others in the collaboration area. (Source: TechCrunch) Why this is crucial for your service:

Keep in mind when Facebook was a location to share drunken images with your friends? Now, it's evolving into a powerful business platform and, with its brand-new app, the company wants users to be able to integrate their CRM, file sharing, e-mail, calendars and more with its service. Inning accordance with the TechCrunch report, the app will deal with top of Workplace, Facebook's pay-per-user business interaction product and will be really personalized. The company wishes to be a formidable rival to both Slack and Microsoft Teams for your service.

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