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Will Drones Rescue Apple Maps And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This postoriginally appeared on Forbes)Here are five things in technology that occurred this previous week and how they affect your company. Did you miss them?

1-- PayPal presents a new app specifically targeted at little companies.

The online payment company is launching PayPal Service to assist its merchants perform service much better. Functions will consist of an unified center for visualizing payment information, the capability to send pictures with invoices, refund processing, sales activity monitoring, quicker funds withdrawal, payment pointers, customer list management and history and better importing functionality. (Source: PYMNTS)Why this is very important for your organisation

: If you are among PayPal's 15 million service clients, you'll find this app will assist you perform business faster and with more info. Try to find PayPal to continue its supremacy among small merchants and press further into becoming a total point-of-sale innovation solution.

2-- It will soon be more difficult to stop clients from leaving crucial online evaluations.

Congress passed a costs today that secures consumers from inhibiting critical online evaluations and limitations business from including arrangements in their online usage agreements that don't allow unfavorable reviews. The President is anticipated to sign this legislation, called the Customer Evaluation Fairness Act, into law. (Source: Ars Technica)Why this is essential for your service

: Yeah, you hate it when that knucklehead leaves a dopey evaluation. If your service relies on services like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Angie's List, it's best that you react expertly to bad evaluations and focus on your customer service rather than attempting to restrict the public from revealing their opinions. This soon will be law.

3-- Apple will utilize drones to improve its maps.

Forget those annoying Google cars that are stalking your area. Now there will be drones flying around as Apple prepares to up its game. They're assembling a group of "robotics and data collection specialists that will utilize drones to capture and upgrade map info." The company is developing indoor mapping capabilities, too. (Source: Bloomberg)Why this is necessary for your service

: Lots of believe that Google Maps transcends to Apple's offering. And in my viewpoint, it is. However if you have a lot of iPhone users in your company, you may effectively discover yourself utilizing Apple's mapping application more in the future as the business makes enhancements. Simply keep your window shades closed.

4-- GoDaddy is making it simpler to manage numerous WordPress sites at once.

The company is now providing brand-new publishing tools for organisations to manage multiple blogs or websites simultaneously. The new features will work no matter who's hosting your site, however GoDaddy is hoping to encourage you to transfer to their platform. (Source: VentureBeat)Why this is important for your organisation

: If you're got numerous websites, inform your web developer about these tools. It'll save time, and it'll save you on costs.

5-- Snapchat users dislike less than 3 seconds.

Advertisers are reporting that users watch a normal Snapchat video ad for "2.5 to 2.8 seconds." A recent research study of Snapchat advertisements found that they commanded "more attention than Instagram or YouTube ads and twice as much attention as Facebook ads." (Source: Advertising Age) Why this is very important for your company? Who to think? Are people truly paying attention to Snapchat advertisements? Is this new and growing platform rewarding? Nobody truly has a conclusive answer, so if your business is pursuing Millennial consumers on Snapchat, I have three tips: step, measure, measure. And stop sending a lot of snaps of your cat.

British Airways said it submitted a patent for a digital tablet that will enable the company to "know when the traveler is awake, asleep, starving, hot or cold and could, at least conceptually, take care of those requirements at the most proper time." Exactly what about frustrated, restless, upset and fed-up?

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