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Will You Make Your Next Video Call With Amazon? Plus Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post originally appeared on Forbes )Here are 5 things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your service. Did you miss them?

1– Amazon introduces its own Skype-like interactions tool.

“Chime” from Amazon Web Services will enable users to begin meetings with a simple click and share screens or additional content. It requires no PIN, and any participant can silence a line to eliminate background sound. Chime also includes a visual lineup that shows who is on the call and who will not be able to make it. There’s a complimentary variation to begin with pricing approximately $15 per month per user. (Source: TechRepublic)Why this is essential for your service

: Alexa, fire that worker! OK, maybe not that extreme however, if like some, you discover Skype or other interaction tools like it to be cumbersome, here’s another choice for you. I anticipate to see more business apps originating from the online retail giant in the years to come.

2– Facebook handles LinkedIn.

In a move geared to small organisations, the social media giant has actually revealed that it is launching new tools for companies in the United States and Canada to create job postings through their Facebook Pages. Those seeking jobs can likewise make an application for openings directly on Facebook, rather than utilizing rivals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. (Source: Forbes) Why this is crucial for your business:

Finding excellent individuals is hard, and we’re all looking for handy tools to fix that issue. Why not use Facebook?

3– Yelp includes a Q&A section for businesses.

Users can now ask questions about a specific location, such as a restaurant or local store, then “get responses from other users, or from business owner themselves.” In addition, users can upvote or downvote the answers based on how valuable they are and can register for notifications when a particular concern receives a response. (Source: TechCrunch) Why this is

important for your business: Remember the excellent old days when no one cared what consumers needed to say? That’s history, my friend. If your organisation uses Yelp, get yourself familiar with this brand-new feature and make certain you’re monitoring it constantly.

4– A brand-new startup wishes to take the headaches from scheduling meetings.

Meetingbird’s Meet app allows a user to send a link to take a look at an individual’s availability, select a time, book it and get an invitation returned to one’s own calendar. The individual setting up the meeting can also see multiple users’ schedules overlaid on top of one another then book appropriately. The very best thing is that it works without a Meetingbird account (however with the account, one gets collaborative note-taking tools and doesn’t need to add one’s schedule into a different item). (Source: TechCrunch)Why this is necessary for your company

: Scheduling conferences are such a discomfort– particularly if it involves individuals not all using the same application. This innovation might certainly assist.

5– Oracle is now utilizing the Web of Things to assist its clients make forecasts.

Its freshly launched “IoT Possession Keeping track of Cloud” will automate workflows and keep an eye on information; the “IoT Connected Worker Cloud” can track employees for things like safety, service and regulative compliance initiatives; the “Iot Fleet Monitoring Cloud” will follow traveler activity and chauffeur behavior; and the “IoT Production Keeping track of Cloud” will have the ability to monitor production equipment to assess and anticipate making concerns. The apps have the ability to incorporate with “majority a dozen other supply chain management services from Oracle.” (Source: VentureBeat)

Why this is necessary for your business:

The Internet of Things is rapidly making its method into the workplace, and wise business are using this innovation to enhance productivity and profits. How about you?