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16 Healthy Food Swaps For Kids

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If your kid is a choosy eater, there are ways to obtain around it without getting frustrated.You could take a deep dive into exactly what your child is declining and work around it. Or you might try our favourite trick and swap in the foods your child has to grow healthy and strong into their preferred( but often not as healthy )foods.Check out these delicious snack and supper concepts will keep the kids( and you) delighted.

Swap out sour cream for some Greek yogurt and a 2:1 ratio of veggies to meat for healthier tacos.

Would you think these decadent chocolate muffins do not have any added fat or sugar? The kids will not either!

french onion dip

Cashews make this vegan dip oh so creamy.

sloppy joes

Cut back on the meat without compromising on protein. The kids will never presume there's mushrooms in these Careless Joes.

mac n cheese

Sneak some cauliflower and squash into their pasta for a healthy spin on mac and cheese.

avocado hummus taquitos

Taquitos make an excellent after-school treat, but do not provide much in terms of nutrition. Slip in some avocado and hummus in place of chicken and cheese and you have actually got a much healthier treat.

crispy chicken

Rather of flour or bread crumbs, use crispy wild rice for a fibre-rich crispy chicken meal.

mashed cauliflower

Ditch the starchy potatoes for cauliflower and add some nutrients while you're at it.

veggie snacks

Put down the French french fries and choose up these baked veggies rather. We guarantee you'll get the very same crunch.


They look and taste like routine fruit snacks, but these gummies have a hidden vegetable surprise.

cheesy crackers

Can't get enough of Cheez-Its? These tacky carrot crackers taste nearly identical.Forget plain white

flour tortillas, these cassava tortillas are likewise filled with good-for-you greens. These bite-sized treats are so filled with flavour, the kids won't presume they're excellent for them too. What type of kid does not like meatballs? They'll gobble them up before they even notice they're filled with veggies. No flour is required in these fudgy brownies.


Put down the buttermilk and pick up a sweet potato rather, since think it or not, that's exactly what remains in these waffles.

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