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Amazon Uses A Drone To Deliver Popcorn And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post originally appeared on Forbes )Here are 5 things in innovation that occurred this past week and how they affect your company. Did you miss them?

1-- Amazon delivers its very first package through drone.

The shipment of a Fire TELEVISION stick and a bag of popcorn was made from a satisfaction center in Cambridge, England. Amazon hopes that "one day, seeing Prime Air automobiles will be as regular as seeing mail trucks on the road." (Source: Forbes )Why this is necessary for your business: My Kindle still isn't working right, and they expect a drone to deliver packages? It's unlikely that drone shipment will be as ubiquitous as Amazon forecasts, however you can anticipate this form of shipment to be an option to get your items to specific far-flung locations of the world (where there are no kids with slingshots) within the next couple of years.

2-- A billion accounts get hacked at Yahoo.

Yahoo has actually validated this happened back in August of 2013. Oh, and this is a separate occurrence from the 500 million accounts that were formerly hacked. Information taken "may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords ... and, in many cases, encrypted or unencrypted security concerns and responses." (Source: Forbes )Why this is very important for your service: If you're running a site or have an e-mail on Yahoo, change your password now. If you're surprised, disgusted, stunned and thinking about leaving Yahoo permanently, I don't blame you.

3-- Microsoft's Skype can now offer real-time language translation for mobile and landline calls.

Now, you can use real-time translation when making a call on Skype. As you're calling the number, simply pick the "translator" button and a language. It works for any landline call and supports the translation of English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic and Russian. (Source: The Next Web )Why this is necessary for your

business: Language is by far the biggest barrier stopping lots of small organisations from purchasing and selling overseas. Getting familiar and proficient with this tool may extremely well open new markets and make doing service with your foreign partners much easier. (My company, The Gene Marks Group, is a Microsoft Partner.)

4-- A Chinese startup has unveiled a robotic arm that's "ideal" for small companies.

It's called the "Dobot M1" (no, Homer, not the "D'oh! bot"). It's programmable with "interchangeable tool heads and sets for soldering, sorting, etching, cutting, 3D printing and manufacturing." It's presently being moneyed through Kickstarter and ought to deliver in Might 2017. (Source: New Atlas)Why this is essential for your business

: If your company's manufacturing process requires repetitive sorting, cutting, slitting, or other comparable procedures, the cost savings of buying and programs this robotic arm could well surpass the expenses you 'd have to pay an employee over a couple of years. It's an excellent method to obtain your store started on automation, and the arm itself could be put to more than one usage on the factory flooring.

5-- Twitter now lets you transmit live video directly.

Twitter has announced that it has actually officially integrated its live video app Periscope with the popular social media platform. (Source: Forbes) Why this is essential for your company:

If you have actually attempted to provide live material by means of Twitter's Periscope in the past, you're likely needed to leap over a couple of difficulties because Periscope is a different application from Twitter. The 2 have been combined together so the process is smooth and much simpler. This enhancement makes Twitter a better gamer amongst the giants contending for your company's online video material.

this company in London is looking for an "emoji translator." Simply in case you wish to chuck everything in, transfer to the UK and actually do something useless. Bring your umbrella.

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