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Google’s New Feature May Drive Customers Away And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post originally appeared on Forbes)Here are 5 things in innovation that occurred this past week and how they impact your company. Did you miss them?

1– Google’s brand-new function might be an issue for bars and dining establishments.

The brand-new tool, which will be included in both Search and Maps, will notify users as to how crowded your bar or restaurant remains in actual time. The innovation will utilize aggregated, anonymous place history information. (Source: The Verge )Why this is essential for your

organisation: If your dining establishment or bar is popular– and crowded– potential clients may decide to just remain away. And no service owner I know wishes to turn away clients, despite how busy they are. If your business is popular enough to create a buzz because of the crowds it draws in, your numbers might be affected by this new feature.

2– A start-up can assist make it easier to pay attention to group conversations.

Avawill enable deaf and hearing-challenged individuals to much better follow group discussions by using a “threaded speech-to-text application.” Each participant must download the app and established a profile, and then the innovation has the ability to follow the conversation. The company states that deaf people who can just comprehend 20 percent of a conversation will see their comprehension levels increase to 80 or 90 percent. (Source: TechCrunch) Why this is

crucial for your business: If you have hearing-impaired employees at your business, this application might substantially enhance their task performance and their involvement in group events and conferences. I can’t promise it will keep them awake while you drone on however.

3– Amazon is evaluating out secret, fraud-fighting tools for retailers.

Well, if I’m discussing this, it’s most likely not so secret. The retail giant is taking on counterfeit products with a suite of digital tools to assist sellers secure their brand names from fakes and knockoffs. (Source: CNET)Why this is very important for your organisation

: Although details are still questionable due to the fact that the tools have not been released yet, if you’re an Amazon seller, you need to keep a close eye on these functions that will help better secure your trademarks and copyright.

4– A start-up will assist book conference areas in high-end hotels.

Bizly, a New york city City startup, has an app that will note hotels in your city with readily available per hour leasing costs. (Source: TechCrunch)Why this is necessary for your service

: Lots of business, mine consisted of, hold occasions for customers and marketing functions in our home cities, and looking for the finest area and cost is always a difficulty– and time-consuming. If this app can help me find the ideal place and conserve me time, then sign me up!

5– You can now get a “. blog site” domain for your blog.Countless new”.

blog “domains are available for anybody who composes a blog, and WordPress says that it’s “instinctive, descriptive and it creates millions of brand-new calling choices” for your brand or service. (Source: WordPress) Why this is essential for your company:

For just $30 a year, you can make your blog site much easier to find and draw more attention to your business and your brand.

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