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Here Come The Robot Lawyers And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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(This post initially appeared on Forbes)Here are five things in innovation that happened this past week and how they affect your organisation. Did you miss them?

1-- A "robotic legal representative" is providing to assist refugees claim asylum.

The chatbot that made a splash last summer season by reversing 160,000 parking tickets is back again, however now it is helping provide free legal help to refugees. Through a simple-to-use chat user interface on Facebook Messenger, "DoNotPay" can "help refugees complete a migration application in the US and Canada." (Source: The Guardian )Why this is necessary

for your company: First, this is a respectable service to use in your service if you employ immigrants that require economical assist with migration paperwork. Secondly, here's another example of artificial intelligence technology that's automating process and developing new chances-- which might have an effect on your future organisation. Third, the less lawyers involved, the better.

2-- Vimeo has a new way for video creators to make cash.

Vimeo has actually included the ability to publish and see 360-degree videos to its video platform. Presently, audiences can enjoy these videos utilizing the Vimeo mobile app on the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. (Source: CNET)Why this is very important for

your company: Per CNET,"Vimeo's relocation makes it among the first worldwide marketplaces for developers to offer 360-degree videos directly to audiences" through its Vimeo Pro and Company subscriptions. These members pay a cost and can "select alternatives for leasing, buying or subscribing through the business's Vimeo as needed service." Video developers also get a huge payout: "90 percent of the revenue after transaction costs."

3-- Fitness startups are including VR to their reps.

Startups like VirZOOMand Gemany-based HYVE have actually started to integrate virtual truth into physical fitness gadgets. Michael De Medeiros, editor of VR Physical fitness Expert, believes we are" roughly two years away "from VR physical fitness being a "360-degree, full-body experience." (Source: Quick Company)Why this is necessary for your

organisation: Virtual truth continues to creep into mainstream service, providing a better way to market and provide services. If your service is visual (think roof, landscaping, design, building, real estate among others), then virtual truth innovation might be a crucial part of your strategies in the near future.

4-- Salesforce has actually revealed its new AI function, "Einstein Vision."

Customer Relationship Management software giant Salesforce has actually announced a brand-new project called "Einstein Vision" that lets designers "add innovative image recognition and analysis to apps running on the business's sales and customer care platforms." (Source: GeekWire)Why this is essential for your

organisation: Example: you're offering goods and you would like to know the optimum total up to purchase and then put your goods on a shop rack to match consumer interests. Einstein will look at information in Salesforce and other sources to anticipate the very best way to do this. The idea is to "immediately evaluate large amounts of information, from a range of sources, to make predictions that guide choices and actions by Salesforce consumers."

5-- You can now access your Office calendar through Alexa.

Amazon has announced that Alexa-powered devices, consisting of the Echo and Echo Dot, now work with Microsoft Office 365 calendars. The Marks Group is a Microsoft partner. (Source: TechCrunch) Why this is very important for your company:

"Hey Alexa, inform me my schedule today!" "Hey Alexa, cancel that meeting with Loren!" The possibilities for a small company are endless. Alexa currently has assistance for Outlook Calendar, however this combination could lead to "Amazon Echo speakers inching their method into corporate workplaces."

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