Tomi Lahren Death Hoax: Conservative News Anchor Responds After #RIPTomiLahren Starts Trending On Twitter

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Tomi Lahren is firing back after ending up being the current victim of a celeb death scam.

The conservative news anchor, whose “Final Ideas” section regularly goes viral on social networks, composed a prolonged Facebook post on Wednesday night after #RIPTomiLahren started trending on Twitter.

In her post, Tomi explained that she had taken a three-hour hiatus from her cellular phone and social networks apps while she focused entirely on having dinner with her buddies in Dallas. Throughout that time, she later found she had actually come down with a death scam. The 24-year-old outspoken anchor was irritated, and guaranteed her fans she was quite alive and well and would not pull back to those bitter people who had nothing much better to do than begin a report that she had actually passed away.

The caring left wishes their opposition would die because they cannot win on ideas. Sad. Happy New Year. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

“Some are so bitter, so bored and so empty they have to fire up a death hoax to feel essential,” Lahren wrote. “Sorry folks, I’m still quite alive and more powerful than ever. It’s moments like this when a phony death hashtag begins trending that I am advised of just how essential my voice is.”

Tomi has been called out lot of times for her sometimes harsh viewpoints, and she has gotten a lot of followers and a lot of haters. However, that hasn’t stopped her from speaking on the topics she feels highly about.

“See, the Left, the so-called ‘social justice warriors’ are so threatened by courageous voices,” Lahren continued. “They cannot win on their ideas, policies or character traits so they are forced to want death on their opposition. It’s sad, genuinely.”

“I’ve found out the folks who announce to be “social justice warriors” are the genuinely the exact opposite. They claim to rest on an ethical high ground however are the most affordable of Americans at the end of the day. They are the loudest and request for the most, however do not get it twisted, they aren’t the bulk. The quiet majority is rising. The tough working folks of every color who do their finest to make a family and a living without asking for anything they didn’t earn. The folks that love and provide without recognition. The folks that would happily provide the t-shirt off their back to anyone in requirement. The folks that may hardly make sufficient cash to get by however are morally rich and integrity-driven. Here’s to you.”

Even though Tomi has developed opponents that feel so highly that they began a death hoax about her, she promises she will continue to speak her mind and “take care of the a ** holes.”

“I am glad I can be your voice. Mark my words, I will never pull back. Keep working hard and taking care of company. Protect our country. Secure our neighborhoods. Grow and raise our food. I’ll look after the a-holes. God Bless and take care. #TeamTomi”

You can examine out a few of the #RIPTomiLahren tweets listed below:

As a Trump citizen, I’ve received quite a couple of death threats. I stand with @TomiLahren.

Liberals simply put the icing on the cake of an incredible year for @TomiLahren’s profession by getting the

#RIPtomilahren scam hashtag to pattern???? I’m not one to want the death of somebody, but I can support the death of a profession #RIPtomilahren Exactly what do you think of the Tomi Lahren death scam? Do you agree with her viewpoints? Leave your remarks listed below.

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