‘Charmed’ Remake: Air Date A Mystery; Alyssa Milano Hints Possible Halliwell Reunion [Video] : Trending News : University Herald

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Daily Mail reported. There will be some resemblances in the story to the original program.”Charmed “reboot will likewise concentrate on the three sibling witches who fight forces of evil.

Alyssa Milano’s Twitter posts sparked rumors that the reboot might also be a reunion, that she could likewise be included in “Charmed” reboot. Alyssa Milano played the character of Phoebe Halliwell in the original series. In an interview, Milano also shared her openness to join the cast of the program’s remake stating that she feels like someone is going to bring them together and that they are on board for that,

ET Online reported. Some fans got puzzled after Rose McGowan (Paige Matthews) published in her Twitter account saying Hollywood is running out of concepts and another post from Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell) stating We wish them well. This posts from the had somehow opposed Milano’s statement, though it is still early to inform.

There still is no info when the program will premiere or for how long will the “Charmed” reboot will run. Fans will need to wait for additional announcements and news. Keep an eye out for any information about the connection between the original and the remake.

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