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I received 1 Year of Netflix and periodic surprise plans from Netflix for the purpose of sharing my ideas on terrific movies for familes on Netflix. Thoughts are 100% my own

Spring Break is a terrific opportunity for households to spend some additional time together away from the hustle of work, hectic school schedules and additional activities. Family time is so important nowadays with a lot to do, long hours at work. There’s a lot we carry out in order to keep kids hectic and amused with sports and after school programs that we look forward to our nights and weekends when we can sit down and unwind in 1 room together for household time. Netflix is our go to streaming service for popular and trending family motion pictures that we can watch together.

Who Framed Roger BunnyAnimation and live action together. A gruff gumshoe investigator chooses to handle a case of a cartoon star who’s been framed for murder

This was a preferred from my youth and I am super excited to share it with my kids. Terrific laughs.

Chronicles of Narnia(2005) Four brother or sisters are whisked away to a wonderful land where winter never end.

This is a remake of my childhood preferred film. From the moment my child watched this with me when she was only 5 years old she was hooked. As she aged she saw this once again and once again then desired to read all the books. She’s 16 now and she was so excited to see this on Netflix.


Cog and Clank (2016) “Ratchet is the last of his kind, a foolhardy lombax who matured without a family. Clank is a pint-sized robotic with more brains than brawn. After coming across a weapon that can destroy whole worlds, they sign up with forces with a group of do-gooders called the Galactic Rangers.”


This is one we have not seen. Eagerly anticipating seeing this tomorrow night. Pete’s Dragon (2016) A weird kids shows up declaring to reside in the woods with a Giant Green Dragon. Forest Ranger Grace and young Natalie going digging for the reality and you won’t think what they find.

Oakes Fegley is Pete and Oona Laurence is Natalie in Disney's PETE'S DRAGON, the story of a boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just happens to be a dragon.

Oakes Fegley is Pete and Oona Laurence is Natalie in Disney’s PETE’S DRAGON, the story of a boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just occurs to be a dragon. Balto (1995)In this animated function, a fatal diphtheria epidemic strikes the remote town of Nome, Alaska. With the life-saving medication situated hundreds of miles away, the locals decide to send out a sled-dog team. Balto, a half-wolf pet dog neglected by all other than a goose, Boris, and 2 polar bears– is opted to run however is disqualified by lead canine Steele (Jim Cummings). When the other canines get lost in the snow, Balto risks his life to rescue them and provide the medication.


This 1995 Movie takes me method back to watching this with my now 27 year old son. Just as he enjoyed it then my now 11 and 9 yr old young boys enjoy it today. It’s an excellent terrific film.

Goosebumps (2015) Exciting and imaginative movie where Jack Black plays a Horror motion picture writer who moves into a small town. A teen turns glum about moving until he falls for a more youthful woman who’s papa turns out to the be author who’s stories come to life.


My kids like Goosebumps. They’ve seen this movie over and over again and enjoy these exciting stories that are within the motion picture. Household Film suggestion for ages 5 and up

Marvels Civil War (2016)When the government sets up a governing body to supervise the Avengers, the group splinters into two camps– one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to stay complimentary to protect mankind without government disturbance, and the other following Tony Stark’s unexpected decision to support government oversight and responsibility.


Wonderful 4(2015)Carried to an alternate universe, four young outsiders acquire superhuman powers as they alter their physical type in shocking ways. Reed Richards ends up being Mr. Fantastic, able to stretch and twist his body at will, while buddy Ben Grimm gets immense strength as the important things. Johnny Storm ends up being the Human Torch, able to control and project fire, while his sibling Sue ends up being the Invisible Woman. Together, the team must harness their new abilities to avoid Physician Doom from destroying the Earth.


This is a motion picture liked by my 3 young boys. Ages 27, 11, and 9. It’s a terrific action movie with amazing super heroes.

LEGO Jurassic World (2016)The Jurassic World researchers have developed a scary yet fascinating brand-new animal that likes hot pet dogs, however they need to not let the hot canines run out!


Finding Dory(2016)An unexpected flash of memory drives Nemo pal to look for her lost past and reunite with enjoyed one’swith help from buddies old and new


Zootopia(2016)Zootopia’s very first bunny police officer is ready for her first case. But with Wily the fox as her partner she’ll need to work overtime.


Hotel Transylvania 2(2015) Now that Dracula (Adam Sandler)has opened the Hotel Transylvania’s doors to humans, things are changing for the better; nevertheless, Drac is privately worried that his half-human grand son, Dennis, isn’t revealing his vampire side. So, while Mavis and Johnny are away, Drac gets his friends to assist him put the young boy through a “monster-in-training” bootcamp. But things actually get batty when Drac’s peevish, old-school papa (Mel Brooks) pays an unexpected check out.

The Jungle Book( 2016 )Mowgly, who has actually been raised in the Jungle by wolves leaves home on an adventure directed by a blank panther Bagheera and friendly bear Balo.


Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Johnny Deep plays the quirky sweet king in this Tim Burton’s take on the Classic Kid’s book.


Kung Fu Panda 3 while Po and his papa are going to a secret Panda village a fiend threatens all China forcing Po to form an army out of mangy locals.


The Iron Giant(1999) Animation. A little kid privately buddies a mechanical giant from outspace. But where do we conceal a nearly 50 foot giant?


Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass(2016)After years at sea Alice returns. But she should go through the looking glass and return tosave the Mad Hatter prior to time goes out.


The Pacifier(2005) Vin Diesel a hard Navy SEAL never ever thought he ‘d end up a babysit a crop of rowdy kids. A funny excellent movie for household’s about what it requires to babysit kids.


The Little Rascals (1994)Motivated by Hal Roach’s”Our Gang” Series this wonderful family film promises fun mischief makers of all time. Spanky and our video game produces excellent laughter for the entire family.


Robin Williams Flubber(1997)A researcher produces a bouncing brand-new substance called Flubber. Exactly what if it bounces into the wrong hands? Advised for kids age 9 and up


Ice Ladies (2015) Fifteen year old hopeful figure skater champion MATTIE DANE takes a bad fall while contending. She’s forced to leave skating behind entirely when her mother loses her job and they have to relocate to a town to live with Aunt Ginger. Mattie struggles to harmonize the popular women at school but finds solace at the local skating arena where rink manager and previous figure skater, Mercury, mentors her in unanticipated ways.

We haven’t seen this yet but I revealed the preview to my child and she states it looks like a terrific Mom child movie. She and I will be seeing this together.

D2 Mighty DucksCoach Bombay leads his old team and a few new players as the lovable underdogs deal with off competitors at the junior Goodwill Games.


Disney Heavy Weights Plump kids enjoy a weight-loss camp till a psycho physical fitness instructor takes over. Feel great motion picture.

SPY KIDS: Spy Kids 2 the Island of the Lost Dreams and Spy Children 3 Game Over


These two are suggested to be seen one right after the other. Spy Kids have actually always been on my kids need to view list.

Spy Kids 2 Travel to the Volcanic Island to save the world from a Mad Scientist and his Minions.

Spy Kids 3 This Brother sibling spy team has the coolest gadgets. This time they battle a bad man inside a video game.

Minions They are absolutely nothing without an evil ruthless ruler to follow. Sadly their despicable rulers do not last long.


My kids assist me make this list while going through the NETFLIX Trending and popular Motion picture lists. We are a family that enjoys sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn to enjoy motion pictures together. With the raining hitting us this weekend there’s very little else to do and Netflix movie binge enjoying is a welcome distraction to the hectic days we have playing around for hockey video games, baseball practices and speech competitions.

Hope you enjoy our list and find something enjoyable and intriguing that you may have remembered from your childhood.

Have a great week. Thanks for coming by


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