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Does Technology Matter When Choosing a Restaurant? – Chris Kane – Medium

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According to the National Restaurant Association's 2015 market projection:"approximately one-quarter of consumers state technology options are essential features that factor into their decision to select a dining establishment. This is up from the nearly one-fifth the prior year that stated the same, highlighting that innovation rapidly is becoming an expectation instead of a novelty when eating in restaurants."

Mobile innovations are emerging at the forefront of this improvement. A current report released by Federal Reserve on customer and mobile monetary services, states that in 2015 39 percent of all U.S. mobile users made a mobile payment, which is up from 14 percent in 2014. The report stated:

"In terms of the value proposition to customers, the significant number of mobile users who reported an interest in utilizing their phones to get discounts, discount coupons, and promos or to track benefits and commitment points suggests that connecting these services to a mobile payment service might increase the appearance of mobile phones as a method of payment."

From mobile payments to mobile commitment programs and beyond, customers are anticipating more interaction and accessibility from restaurants then before. Portrayed in the graphic below 47% of grownups ages 18-- 34 say "the accessibility of technology choices is an essential element when selecting a dining establishment." In addition, 35% of people are more likely to utilize dining establishment tech compared with 2 years earlier. More youthful generations tend to lead the pack and end up being early adopters. For that reason, we will see the biggest and quickest adoption of these types of technologies from this digitally native age group.

Since these numbers are progressively climbing up, in the near future, innovation and exactly what it makes it possible for a consumer to do, are going to play a vital role in where individuals decide to eat. Why isn't considerable restaurant technology already a part of our lives? The issue lies in interacting with the traditional shops themselves. Primarily, dispersing a technology to the various mommy and pop dining establishments is practically un-scalable. This paired with the fact that overall mom and pop dining establishments have a lower risk tolerance because this is their sole income. In addition, they have actually been late adopters of innovation in the past. This is why restaurant tech has to be approached from the top-down, with bigger chain restaurants being the first to embrace and execute new innovations. Bigger chains have the capital offered, the control, and the large variety of facilities to adequately meet the growing demand for brand-new innovation. Any new innovation requires to keep the physical changes for the brick and mortar restaurants to a minimum, to maintain scalability and increase adoption. Innovation will continue to mold and shape the future of our experiences in the world. If you look at the greatest technology services of our time they normally revolve around standard facets of our lives:

Our have to interact and engage with each other (Facebook, Snapchat)

Our have to navigate and move (Uber, Lyft)

Our requirement for shelter (Airbnb)

Our need for info and to learn (Google, YouTube)

Our requirement for food is no different.Our need for food is certainly important to our existence. In concerns to innovation, this need has actually been slow to reach the level that we have actually become accustomed to in other locations. It is only a matter of time till it will be another part of this pattern.

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