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NASA Scientist Plans To Launch A Giant Magnetic Shield Around Mars To Make It Habitable : Space : Science World Report

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The Real Mars

NASA researcher has actually conceived an idea to launch a giant magnetic guard around Mars that could warm the world and make it possibly habitable similar to the world Earth.
(Picture: Albert Alanson/YouTube screenshot)

A NASA scientist proposes a strategy of releasing a giant magnetic shield around Mars to make it possibly habitable. The magnetic guard might safeguard the planet Mars from high-energy solar particles. This might protect the astronomers and humans that will check out the Red Planet in the future.

Jim Green, NASA's Planetary Science Division Director, spoke at the Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. The talk is titled A Future Mars Environment for Science and Expedition.

Green stated that although Mars is an arid and cold world with a really thin atmosphere and frozen water resources, it is believed the planet might when have actually had deep, liquid oceans and a warmer environment. He further stated how launching the guard in the area between Mars and the Sun might hypothetically protect the Red Planet in the prolonged magnetotail that trails behind the protective field, inning accordance with News Talk. The"magnetic guard "will be released in a steady orbit between Mars and the Sun, which is referred to as Mars L1. The shield includes a big dipole, which is a closed circuit powerful sufficient to produce a synthetic electromagnetic field. It might make Mars safeguarded by the magnetotail of the magnetic field created by the things. This might bring back slowly the Mars' environment, inning accordance with Popular Mechanics. The guard might also assist Mars achieve half the atmospheric pressure of Earth in simply years, according to simulation designs. The frozen CO2 at Mars' polar ice caps would begin to transfer into gas from a solid with the protection from solar winds. Then, the greenhouse result will fill the thin environment of Mars and warm the planet particularly the equator, in which the huge amount of ice is saved under the poles will melt and flood the world with water.

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