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The 8 Beauty Tips Debra Messing Swears By

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At 48, Debra Messing looks much better than ever. Sitting down throughout from her, it's clear that the actress hasn't noticeably aged considering that the '90s. That's not to state she hasn't worked hard-- oh, she has. It's the numerous hours Messing's dedicated to her career and her "off-hours" as a single moms and dad that influenced her to adopt the numerous healthy routines she now swears by.

The painfully basic guideline that now governs her life? Don't stint sleep!

"I'm normally working so hard," Messing told InStyle, "like Mysteries of Laura I was working 12 hours every single day, and then I would get home and be a single mommy, then need to learn my lines for the next day. For me, staying healthy was really about attempting to capture up on sleep."

But the Will and Grace alum's sleep schedule isn't the only thing keeping her fresh-faced and bright-eyed.

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Scroll down listed below for more of Messing's appeal and lifestyle ideas.

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    "I have super, incredibly sensitive skin, so I can't have anything with scent in it ... as gentle as possible. Meaningful Beauty, their cleanser is super, super mild, so I clean with that."

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    "Aquaphor is my friend. I like Aquaphor for my lips."

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    "I'll do masks every few weeks to try and clear out my skin. There's a cleansing mask, there's a calming mask ... I just attempt to change it up so my skin does not get sort of utilized to anything."

  • NBC/Getty"I have a really rigorous diet, which likewise came out of necessity, 'cause when I was doing Mysteries of Laura my adrenals crashed. I was tired, and I had to keep working, so the only thing I felt like I could do to aim to support my system was to eat better. I cut out sugar, I cut out gluten, dairy, cut out coffee, cut out alcohol, and anything fried, and it's incredible the distinction. My energy level increased, my psychological clearness was developed, I felt like my eyes were clearer, I was able to learn my lines much better, and my body leaned out."

  • Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic"My appeal routine is I will not go to

    sleep without taking all my makeup off-- that's a pet peeve of mine." Anne Cusack/Getty The CoolSculpting ambassador explains the fat-freezing procedure as a miracle."Unless you're 12, everyone

    has various parts

    on their body that they 'd like it to be a little smoother or a little flatter. I type of compare it to getting facials-- I go to get a facial, they do their thing, I come out, I feel more confident, I feel prettier, which's it. The difference is, facials do not last as long. This isn't about aiming to be perfect or about attempting to achieve some sort of unrealistic idea of what beauty implies, it's about just embracing yourself. It's like, I like myself, I like my body, it's simply a somewhat much better version of it." Skye Parrott"I go

    routinely to Joanna Vargas (imagined above), she's my facialist in New york city, and she's type of wonderful, she has magic hands, and so essentially whatever she believes I require, she does."

  • Courtesy After our interview, Messing immediately dumped her heels for a set of comfortable Uggs. Take it from Debra-- comfort is always a concern.

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