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Vastu Shastra At IIT Kharagpur To Give Architecture Students ‘Ancient Edge’

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IIT Kharagpur, the earliest of all IITs, is going to present Vastu Shastra as a subject from the next academic session. "A renewed interest in ancient Indian understanding" is being pointed out as a factor for introducing the subject which deals with conventional Indian architecture.

Vastu Shastra was not part of the syllabi of architecture or infrastructure courses until now, however professor chose to present it while dealing with re-orienting teaching-learning for the next academic session. According to a report in The Times of India, they felt that apart from western ideas, trainees need to likewise recognize with ancient Indian architectural traditions.

The professors members likewise feel that Vastu Shastra has clinical roots, TOI included. "Vastu Shastra has its beginnings in Rig Veda and is scientific in its tenor. Today, the entire world is looking at green living, thanks to the method we are suffering due to erratic concretization. The principle of Vastu focuses on the healthy relationship of nature and infrastructure, for this reason its modern-day importance," Joy Sen, a professor of the architecture department of IIT-Kharagpur informed ToI.

The premier engineering institute will introduce the primary principles of Vastu Shastra to very first and second-year undergraduate architecture trainees in August. It will be taught in graded modules.

Post-graduate trainees will be provided a more detailed insight into the topic. They will be taught ideas like solar principles, spiritual diagrams, 9 circuit placements or the nabagraha mandal, spiritual altars, and style semiotics and semantics.

"For PG infrastructure course, we will have BTech students from departments of architecture, civil, electrical, mechanical and even management graduates. At this level, we will have a higher range to address," Sen informed the paper.

Students will also be needed to compose tasks, jobs, and tests based on the principles taught.

The Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Facilities Design and Management (RCGSIDM) of IIT-Kgp held its first workshop on Vastu Shastra in Kolkata on Sunday. Vastu professionals from throughout the country took part in the workshop, inning accordance with the Times of India report.

"Times are altering and around the world there is a renewed interest in ancient Indian knowledge. It is natural that we will modify our curriculum to include Vastu in architecture and facilities classes," said Sen, who also heads RCGSIDM.

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