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Divine inspiration: ‘winged’ Bosjes Chapel’s architecture references biblical elements & events

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Floor-to-ceiling windows permit the shifting play of natural light and frame the dreamy

views over the surrounding vineyards and gardens.When creating the latter, Herman de Lange of CNdV Landscape Architects incorporated water features, pergolas, pathways and climatic lighting into an environment that encourages exploration and contemplation.Each area

is a subtle recommendation to Biblical elements or occasions, such as the big water feature that's symbolic of the parting of the Red Sea and the winding pathway up the koppie (called Mount Sinai )that overlooks the whole property.Inside the chapel the environment is airy and the interior, designed by Liam Mooney, is unfussy, leaving no difficulty to the picturesque outlook.Mooney likewise did the decoration for the on-site Kombuis restaurant and Pass away Skuur, Bosjes 'glamorous guest house.Seeing the Bosjes Chapel is practically a spiritual experience in itself. It's a work of art that is an ode to divinity and an event of development. - The Bosjes Chapel, Kombuis, Teehuis and gardens

open formally today. - This article was initially published in The Times.

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