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Electric Cars For Sale In 2015

Are electric automobiles your thing? Excellent, this is a page packed loaded with electric automobile realities, including electrical vehicles for sale in 2015 in the US and their rates. Electric car answers for any concern you have need to be on this page. If not, drop us a note so that we can add them. If you have some crucial electric car answers or facts to add, also drop a note in the remarks below! This page will be continuously upgraded.

Basic Electric Cars and truck Answers

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) operate on electricity.
  • Some EVs run 100% on electrical power, while others (hybrid electrical automobiles) run partially on electrical power and partially on some other fuel (e.g. gas or diesel). Cars that can sometimes run exclusively on electrical power, and can be plugged into charge their batteries, are called plug-in hybrid electric cars (PHEVs).
  • 100% electrical vehicles and PHEVs are clearly better for the environment (and, therefore, humans) than their gasoline-powered cousins. Their fuel (electrical energy) is likewise more affordable.

Presently Available Electric Cars

The following are electrical vehicles that are for sale today in the United States or are expected to be for sale eventually in 2015.

The first prices noted are base rates prior to the federal tax credit, and in parenthesis are rates after the federal tax credit (normally $7,500, however frequently less than that if the cars and trucks aren t 100% electric cars and trucks). Other tax credits and refunds possibly offered in your city or state (such as the $2,500 California EV rebate or $5,000 Georgia EV tax credit) are not consisted of.

Hyperlinks on the car names are mostly to our story archives for these cars and trucks. Hyperlinks on the rates are to the automobile business pages for the automobiles.

Range and MPGe/MPG information come from the EPA.

Check these electric vehicles out and go test drive some this weekend!

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