Ford’s self-driving cars won’t have steering wheels because engineers maybe kept falling asleep

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Will self-driving automobiles have steering wheels? Maybe not, if engineers keep falling asleep.

Ford's self-driving automobiles will skip over Level 3-- where automobiles are automated, but human chauffeurs are still anticipated to take control of if requirement be-- to Level 4, where automobiles are essentially fully autonomous except for severe conditions. (Self-driving vehicles that would meet the requirements for Level 5 are automobiles are inaccurate,"Ford said in a declaration."Our company believe that high levels of automation without complete autonomy capability might offer a false sense of security, and that this presents an obstacle for the motorist to regain full awareness and control of the lorry if a situation arises where the technology can not operate. That is why we're currently pursuing SAE Level 4 self-governing capability that will take the chauffeur entirely out of the owning process in specified areas."Ford invested$1 billion in the self-governing car startup Argo AI earlier this month, so there huges money behind these choices. Picking Level 4 aligns Ford with Waymo, Google's self-driving project, which likewise found that human chauffeurs grew neglectful when entrusted with just sort of owning. Unless you require a nap, that is.