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This Naked Aussie Dating Show Is All Kinds Of Weird

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Weirdly, naked dating is absolutely nothing brand-new. Following Channel 4’s Naked Tourist attraction airing last year and the whole UK’s collective: ‘what the fuck?’, we have actually seen it all.

Aussie radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson from KIIS FM have chosen that they rather fancied introducing their own naked dating game program and, to be truthful, it all went rather well.For beginners,

the concept of dating in the buff on a radio program seems a lot simpler, does not it? It’s radio, so it’s not like anybody is visiting … other than, oh, it was transmitted all over the web. Right.Singles Danielle and Richie appeared on the program, rocking up in robes, previously rapidly being told to take them off.”Slide his bathrobe off his shoulders and inform us what you think about the chap,” Kyle states in what has to be the most uncomfortable minute of that woman’s life.Although, if she felt uncomfortable, she hid it well, saying” Oh hot damn! “when Richie was stood there in just his bills.I have no idea about

you guys however this is my absolute worst problem. It wasn’t Danielle and Richie’s, though, they had a whale of a time and, once they were both fully naked, Danielle stated she was eager for ‘Netflix and chill’.< img src = content /c10e2f1558c211060a7190be5bbae880.png data-orig-height=347 data-orig-width=632 alt > They seal the handle a full-on kiss-I believe they

call it a pash in Oz, actually.The hosts then told the couple they were going to send them off for a romantic lunch. Once again, that has actually got to be so uncomfortable. Can you picture sitting there and asking all the normal very first date shit,’ so, what do you do?’, to somebody you’ve just seen entirely naked? But, hey, who am I to judge, because it seemed to work for them. Appearing on the show the following day, Kyle stated:” I’m going to ask you formally. Did you men bang at some point the other day? Wait for the drum roll. “OK, Danielle, inform us. Did you bang yesterday or not?”I actually hope this exercises for the couple and in 60 years’time they’re informing the grandkids the story of how they satisfied.


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