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Smart devices today are not limited to just the smart devices in our pockets.Today, gadgets

such as smartbands, portable cameras and wireless headphones are quickly connected and utilized to complement our daily lives.Samsung's Gear

Fit 2 and Equipment IconX are two new fitness-focused devices that use tracking innovation and standalone music gamers for the ideal physical fitness experience.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 comes with a large Super Amoled touch display for easy fitness monitoring.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 comes with a large Super Amoled touch display screen for easy physical fitness monitoring.The Gear Fit 2 is available in the type of a trendy band with streamlined, slim and ergonomic style for comfortable daily use.The curved Super Amoled display serves as a high resolution colour touchscreen for simple fitness monitoring, as well as reacts to text from friends and family.Being a wise

physical fitness band, it won't be complete without an ingrained GPS for tracking the range of your run and a heart rate sensor for tracking your physical fitness level.Also, the smartband includes a standalone music gamer for users to enjoy their preferred music while working out, all without the need for a mobile phone.< img height = 650 alt ="The Equipment IconX is

The Gear IconX is two cordless wireless earbuds capable of fitness tracking and storing up to 1,000 music tracks.

two cordless wireless earbuds capable of fitness tracking and keeping up to 1,000 music tracks."width= 650 src= > The Gear IconX is 2

cordless wireless earbuds efficient in physical fitness tracking and accumulating to 1,000 music tracks.The IconX on the other hand, is perfect for users who are seeking to track their physical fitness levels and delight in music at the same time, with no hindrance to their mobility.Coming in the type of a set of light-weight, cord-free earbuds, the IconX works wirelessly and links by means of Bluetooth to your mobile phone, through Samsung's S Health app.

The physical fitness information consists of range, speed, period, heart rate and calories burned.

The IconX likewise consists of a Voice Guide feature that provides instant voice feedback on the user's workout progress.Music lovers on the other hand can store up to 1,000 MP3 audio tracks with the built-in internal storage. This means that users do not need to depend on their smart devices to delight in music throughout a long running session.The Equipment Fit 2 and Gear IconX are each priced at RM699. Both devices are readily available in three colour variants-- Blue, Dark Grey and Pink.

The Equipment 360 functions 2 lens located at the front and the rear to catch a total 360 ° image.The Equipment 360 is another device to keep an eye out for. As the name indicates, the video camera is capable of taking

surround 360 ° video.Don't let its small and round shapefool you as it features 2 lenses-- situated at the front and rear-- that capture 180 °

video horizontally and vertically, creating a seamless and complete 360 ° field of view.Its big f/ 2.0 aperture enables users to capture lovely high resolution images, even in low-light conditions.Also, the gadget features a tripod and is also suitable with a wider choice of devices and installs currently available on the market.With the cam, users can quickly produce their own virtual reality material then share them with pals via platforms such as YouTube 360 and Facebook, and relive the moment with the ultra-immersive brand-new Equipment VR. The Gear 360 retails at RM1,299.

The Gear VR is ideal for users who are looking to enjoy games and content in virtual reality.

The Gear VR is perfect for users who are wanting to delight in video games and content in virtual reality.The Equipment VR is

a virtual truth headset by Samsung, powered by the virtual reality technology business, Oculus.The collaboration with Oculus implies that users will have the ability to take pleasure in a large choice of high quality VR material offered for download on its built-in store.Previously readily available only in white, the Equipment VR now is available in an appealing Blue Black variant. The VR headset is suitable with Samsung

smart devices, particularly the Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+.

The company says it assists avoid light reflection to provide a more cinematic experience than the previous model.The Gear VR is priced at RM399.

Do more with <a  href=Samsung: The Gear 360 (on the table, far right) is able to capture surround video with its two cameras. — Samsung" src="">

Do more with Samsung: The Gear 360 (on the table, far right) is able to record surround video with its 2 video cameras.-- Samsung


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