Airbus Helicopters partners SingPost for drone delivery trials

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SINGAPORE: Mail shipments could be used drones in the future, after Singapore Post (SingPost) signed a partnership contract with Airplane Helicopters on Tuesday (Apr 18).

The job, named "Skyways", intends to establish an aerial drone shipment system for urban environments like Singapore. Plane Helicopters, a division of French airplane producer Plane, stated development is now "at an innovative phase".

Speaking at the opening event of the exhibit, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Trade and Market Low Yen Ling said this sort of deployment, which needs Beyond Visual View (BVLOS) and self-governing operations, is presently not allowed under existing policies. The trial is a key step to make sure industrial drones can run securely over urban locations, she explained.As the task

's logistics partner, SingPost will contribute its knowledge in software and delivery systems, in addition to postal and e-commerce logistics, the business stated in a news release.

"Skyways was launched with the intent to supply extremely effective, reputable and seamless small parcel shipments utilizing drones in city cities," said Plane Helicopters' CTO Jean-Brice Dumont.

"Drones and other autonomous lorries remain in the future of the logistics industry," included SingPost's covering Group CEO Mervyn Lim. "The demonstration that Airbus Helicopters and SingPost will be establishing is created to attend to real-world difficulties such as safe and accurate flight in high-rise cities, while fulfilling the requirements of clients."

Following the NUS trial, the job will involve providing items like medicine, oil samples, and spare electronic parts from a parcel station on the Singapore coast to ships, both parties stated.

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