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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Love Story

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Mark Consuelos didn’t think he had actually a shot with Kelly Ripa the first time they satisfied. The star, then 23, was auditioning for a part on the ABC soap All My Children and Ripa, a recognized cast member, was appointed as his screen test partner.

“I thought she was cute, hot, and sexy and all that stuff,” Consuelos told

Elle in 2013.

United States Weekly. They continued filming the daytime drama together for 6 years– their characters married each other too– before Ripa left to replace Kathie Lee Gifford as co-host on Live! with Regis and Kelly

. In the meantime, they had boy Michael Joseph in1997 and daughter Lola Grace in 2001. Their youngest child, Joaquin Antonio, was born in 2003.< img data-pin-description=" Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos's Romance Is Better Than Any"data-pin-url= data-pin-media = data-img320= data-img320-w=480 data-img320-h=669 data-cut =320 data-zoom= src= alt data-img480= data-img480-w=640

data-img480-h =893 data-img640=×893/gallery-1485468388-kelly-mark-michael-2001.jpg data-img640-w =640 data-img640-h=893 data-img768=×1071/gallery-1485468388-kelly-mark-michael-2001.jpg data-img768-w=768 data-img768-h=1071 data-img980 =×893/gallery-1485468388-kelly-mark-michael-2001.jpg data-img980-w =640 data-img980-h =893 data-img1024=×1071/gallery-1485468388-kelly-mark-michael-2001.jpg data-img1024-w =768 data-img1024-h =1071 nopin= nopin > Kelly, Mark, and Michael in 2001. Though Ripa’s profession has made her a household name, there’s no competition in between the 2.” I actually call him Desi, because the important things about Desi was that as much attention as Lucy got, Desi was constantly in charge,”Ripa informed Elle.< img data-pin-description="Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos's Romance Is Much better Than Any Rom-Com” data-pin-url = data-pin-media =×640/gallery-1485458634-landscape-kelly-ripa-mark-consuelos.jpg data-img320 =×319/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg data-img320-w =480 data-img320-h

=319 data-cut= 320 data-zoom =×681/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg src =×319/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg alt data-img480=×425/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg data-img480-w=640 data-img480-h= 425 data-img640 =×425/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg data-img640-w=640 data-img640-h=425 data-img768=×510/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg data-img768-w=768 data-img768-h=510 data-img980=×425/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg data-img980-w=640 data-img980-h=425 data-img1024=×510/gallery-1485469144-gettyimages-110180231.jpg data-img1024-w=768 data-img1024-h=510 nopin=nopin > Participating in a Broadway show in 2003. At 2003’s Veteran Fashion Show by Danny Seo and Anamyn Turowski.Consuelos, who explains their bond as “super-partners in crime,” yielded:”If I were back in the 1950s, I ‘d be completely pleased. “They’re such excellent partners, in reality, they introduced their own production business named Milojo– a combination of their kids’name– in 2007. To name a few projects, their 2008 documentary The Streak, about a high-school fumbling group’s 34-year winning streak, was nominated for an Emmy. The family on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity, 2015. The couple celebrated Twenty Years of marriage last May, which had everyone asking, how do 2 individuals with such demanding careers make it work? His function in the Fox series Pitch needs him to be in Los Angeles for filming, while Ripa’s job keeps her in New York– however the range only appears to fan the flames of their love

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