Cats Care More About People Than Food, Study Finds

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CBS Resident– Cats do care about their humans. Truly. According to a new study, felines care about people much more than food.The study

took both domestic and protected felines and provided various options of stimuli. The felines could choose between food, toys, scent or humans. In a surprising twist to most, the felines chose that human interaction over food. Food came in 2nd.

“Progressively feline cognition research study is supplying proof of their complicated socio-cognitive and problem solving capabilities,” the study checked out, which was led by Kristyn R. Vitale Shreve. “However, it is still typical belief that felines are not specifically sociable or trainable.”

The research study safeguarded cats, stating that the public perception is inaccurate due to a ‘lack of understanding.’

“This disconnect may be due, in part, to a lack of understanding of exactly what stimuli cats prefer, and therefore may be most encouraged to work for,” the study read. “The existing study investigated domestic cat preferences at the individual and population level utilizing a complimentary operant preference assessment.”

This is a huge development for cat lovers, who can show this to all their snobby canine loving friends who deride their cats for a so-called absence of character.

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