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6 Healthy Food Trends To Try In 2017: Chia Seeds, Cauliflower Rice, Sprouted Seeds, Protein Alternatives, And More

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brown rice increased drastically– by 6 to 13 percent– after growing. Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, chickpeas, and split peas can likewise grow when conditions are just right.CAULIFLOWER RICE Slicing or utilizing a food processor to transform cauliflower into a rice-like consistency is a simple way to eat more vegetables and fewer carbs. The chopped cauliflower can be consumed plain, or prepared in a skillet like any other fried rice. “One cup of cauliflower rice has around 25 calories, whereas brown rice has around 215 calories,”Megan Roosevelt, RDN, founder of, told Health. CHIA SEEDS The advantagesof chia seeds are massive, Medical Daily previously reported, and since they have no taste profile, you can add them to nearly any meal. This ancient food can control the diabetic effect in individuals with type 2 diabetes, and enhance teeth and bones.Chia seeds are also high in protein and fiber.PEA PROTEIN Stylish pea protein powder is both gluten-and dairy-free. Inning accordance with Dr. Josh Axe, pea protein has a”fantastic amino acid profile,” and it aids with weight reduction in addition to supporting a healthy heart.This up-and-coming healthy food trend might also reduce danger of kidney illness and manage blood sugar.PROTEIN PANCAKES If you can make routine pancakes, you can make protein pancakes.

Attempt utilizing protein powder

rather of flour and enjoy this trendy, nutritious meal. Health recommends adding other healthy components like quinoa, spelt, and hemp hearts.

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