2 eliminated after automobile plunges four storeys in Genting Highlands

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hotel carpark in Genting Highlands on Thursday(Aug 17).(Photos: Bernama/State fire and rescue )KUANTAN: Two people were eliminated when the automobile they were in fell four floors from a hotel carpark in Genting Highlands Thursday (Aug 17). The victims were 43-year-old Chinese national Muy San Mao and 50-year-old L Poolani Samy, the chauffeur, who was from Sepang, Selangor.

Bentong cops chief, Superintendent Mohamad Mansor Mohd Nor, stated the incident taken place at about 4.15 am, when the motorist was headed down the multi-storey carpark of the Taman Mini Genting Highlands Resort.

“When the chauffeur reached the website of the mishap, where he was supposed to turn right, it is thought that he lost control and crashed into the barrier, triggering the vehicle to fall 13 metres to the ground. The car was found overturned,” said Mohamad Mansor.

State fire and rescue main Mohd Arshad Abdullah said the authorities had actually received a require support at about 4.30 am.When they got here

at the scene around 12 minutes later, it was discovered that the bodies had been” retrieved by members of the general public and sent out to Bentong Health center for a post-mortem “, stated Mohd Arshad. Source: Bernama/hs< div data-css=c-newsletter data-js-module=newsletter data-newsletter-success > Get the Channel NewsAsia newsletter in your inbox Void e-mail address It appears like the e-mail address you went into

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