VW reveals new plan to build 2 to 3 million all-electric cars a year by 2025

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Earlier this year– not long after the Dieselgate scandal– the Volkswagen Group revealed a brand-new instructions for its lineup of vehicles with a plan to present 20 brand-new electric vehicles through the group’s brands by the end of the decade.Today, the car manufacturer extended the timeline to 2025 and stated that it will present”more than 30 brand-new electric cars throughout the next 10 years”. Earlier this year, CEO Matthias Müller was speaking about both all-electric and plug-in hybrids, today he is making a statement to go all-electric and validated that the”more than 30 new models”will all be “purely battery-powered electric cars(BEVs) “. However perhaps even more significantly, VW talked about volumes and said that the group is creating a new manufacturing strategy that will enable them to produce “2 to 3 million all-electric vehicles a year by 2025”.

There was a mention of developing a competence in battery technology:

In light of the fast gains in market volume and system sales of electrical automobiles over the coming years, the Volkswagen Group is also to develop battery innovation as a new competency. The tactical choices for taking part in the prospective profits stream related to this and developing battery technology into a brand-new Group competency will be carefully examined.The company will reveal specific strategies for each of its brands by the end of year with brand-new information on electric car manufacturing.The brand-new electric lorries will be invited additions to VW’s present EV lineup,

which is far from being excellent. It generally includes the e-Golf, which requires a refresh, but we recently discovered that the 2017 e-Golf will get a battery upgrade by the end of the year and that it will enable an NEDC rated series of 300 km (186 miles)on a single charge– genuine world range closer to 125 miles per charge. < a href = border =0 > The idea cars and truck Audi e-tron quattro at the Volkswagen Group Night (IAA) in Frankfurt.< a href = border = 0 > Aside from its brand-new all-electrical automobile strategies, VW also announced today a new technique to establish new mobility services in ride-hailing/car-sharing and self-governing taxi service. This is something practically each and every single car manufacturer is doing at the minute, mainly through partnerships– for example, Toyota with Uber and GM with Lyft.

VW itself invested $ 300 million in Gett, a ride-hailing app, last month.VW also wishes to increase its financial investment in autonomous owning with the planned hire of around 1,000 brand-new programmers.The group describes the total plan revealed today as an effort for “sustainable movement”. It sure looks like they wish to make us forget ‘Dieselgate’ and if they pull through with this all-electric lorry effort, they may succeed.

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