Uber: London drivers should use hybrid or totally electrical cars from 2020

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Uber motorists will be banned from utilizing lorries that are not a hybrid or fully electrical in its London fleet previously this year.Uber will try to lure the drivers of London’s oldest, dirtiest vehicles to ditch them and utilize its service instead, by using motorists of pre-2005 automobiles a” scrappage”coupon of ₤ 1,500 to utilize < a href= data-link-name=auto-linked-tag data-component=auto-linked-tag > Uber flights instead.The business’s announcement ramps up exactly what is shaping up to be a green taxi war in the UK, centred on London.In July, the company that makes black cabs revealed its new, low emissions taxi, which runs for about 70 miles off a battery prior to switching to a petrol engine. Under Transportation for London rules, all new black taxis from 1 January 2018 will need to be electric. Ride-hailing service says it is intending to take on contamination by banning vehicles that do not have an electric motor