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A Perfect New York City Day Required Perfect NYFW Street Design

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< img src =https://nylon-images.imgix.net/featured_images/attachments/000/035/324/original/street-style-day2-feature.jpg?auto=format&ch=Width%2CDPR&q=75&w=640&ixlib=js-1.1.0&cs=strip&s=5695b86589ba0043c11b2366d7a96aa5 > A Perfect New York City Day Called For Perfect NYFW Street Design

NYLON scouted the streets of New york city City looking for the coolest, most unique street design during NYFW SS 2018. Here’s the best from day two.Hayden Manders Fri, 08 Sep 2017 10:07:00 -0400 Cry as we may about the informal end of summer season, we’re entering that magical time where light layers and tiny crisp get our sartorial blood going. Mother Nature was on

our side for day two of New York Fashion Week. A charming chill made for expert examples of layering and accenting. Driving gloves? Saw ’em. Puffer jackets that looked comfy sufficient to camp in? Want ’em. Coats curtained over individuals’s shoulders, defying all usefulness? Love ’em, but still itching to understand the trick to mastering. Here’s to hoping the remainder of the week continues in this, uh, style. Missed the first day’s street style? We got you.