Ransomware, Mobile Botnets and EK Trends Swell in 2016

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Conficker remains the world’s most common malware, representing 17.4% of infections– however ransomware, mobile botnets and more gained huge ground in the first part of 2016.

That’s according to Inspect Point’s H1 2016 Global and Regional Trends of the ‘The majority of Wanted’ Malware Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles as an inflection point for the segment. The attack encrypted the whole system, including client records and other delicate details. The opponents demanded and got 40 Bitcoins– around $17,000 at the time of the payment.

“This attack was a significant milestone in the ransomware epidemic, which has continued to grow ever considering that,” the report said.

Hummingbad extremely controls mobile malware, representing 72% of infections and can be found in as the 4th most-prevalent malware overall.The leading banking malware is Dorkbot, with 31%of infectionsand a position as the 6th most-common malware out there, followed by timeless Zeus, with 27%, and Tinba, with 16%. The report also suggests that assaulters still enjoy using make use of kits to spread malware. These packages, which have an alarming success rate, take advantage of vulnerabilities in web internet browsers and running systems to install malware without the user’s knowledge or consent.” As we have seen in the case of the Nuclear Exploit Set, this can be an incredibly rewarding service for designers who rent their set to aggressors worldwide, “the report noted.”Interestingly, there has actually been a shift in the make use of package arena since the beginning of 2016. We have experienced the decline of two of the largest make use of kits in the wild, Angler and Nuclear, and the rise of Neutrino and Rig Exploit Sets, as seen in the recent Cerber campaign.”In 2016, a brand-new type of malware distribution appeared in the mobile world– botnets. A

botnet is a group of devices (PCs, laptop computers, or cellphones)managed by hackers without the owners’understanding. The bigger the botnet, the greater its capabilities.Check Point identified the Viking Crowd and DressCode botnets, which managed to infiltrate Google Play and target numerous thousands of users. So far, mobile botnets have been utilized primarily to generate fraudulent traffic and advertisement clicks. Nevertheless, they can be leveraged to achieve disruptive goals, such as DDoS attacks which can have a destructive result on companies of all sizes. “The first half of 2016 demonstrates the nature these days’s cyber-threat landscape,” Check Point noted.” Lots of old malware threats stay prominent, while at the same time, beginners show up and take the world by storm. On top of that, malware demonstrates a long-tail circulation with a small number of households accountable for a huge part of the attacks, while countless other malware families are seldom seen. Finally, we see that many cyber-threats are global and cross-regional, with the leading hazards appearing in all three areas.”

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