Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Said ‘Baffled’ Kathy Hilton In Post-Oscars Tweet

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Jennifer Aniston pregnancy reports just won’t go away. It’s inadequate that whenever there’s the smallest indication of a child bump on the 48-year-old’s fantastic body, Jennifer’s fans go wild with excitement over a possible pregnancy. It turns out that Aniston can reveal up in a skin-tight, high-slit gown that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, and somebody will still state the Pals star is pregnant. Inning accordance with the Daily Mail, that’s precisely what occurred on January 27 after Jennifer’s strikingly stunning appearance at the 2017 Oscars on Sunday night.Aniston used a”

incredible black dress with a thigh-high split and plunging neck line”to the Oscars and looked about as not pregnant as a lady can look. On Monday, simply hours after the Oscars were over and all the after celebrations ended up, Kathy Hilton completely confused her fans with an “unexpected tweet “about Jennifer.Hilton, 57, was specific that Aniston is having an infant and she also informed her fans the baby’s gender.”Jennifer Aniston looks so lovely tonight I am telling you she is having a child lady. 100/ percent!!!!!!!!!!!, “she wrote, followed by “pleased and flowery emojis “that showed just how ecstatic she was. The tweet was still up late Monday but vanished around 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.< img src= alt="Jennifer Aniston isn't really pregnant butJennifer Aniston isn't pregnant but after her Oscar appearance, Kathy Hilton though she was.

after her Oscar look, Kathy Hilton though she was.”width=670 height=179 > Kathy Hilton left her strange tweet about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy up for a day prior to finally taking it down. [Image from Kathy Hilton/Twitter]

One Twitter follower wondered if Hilton had puzzled Natalie Portman with Jennifer Aniston. Portman is greatly pregnant and avoided the Oscars due to the fact that of her pregnancy.

Natalie Portman may be the person Hilton was referring to when she instead tweeted after the Oscars that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant
Natalie Portman may be the individual Hilton was referring to when she instead tweeted after the Oscars that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images] Hilton responded” no,”to the question and left the Aniston tweet up despite many questions from her

followers.Twitter users reacted to the story with a stream of tweets mentioning that if you listen to the unlimited rumors, you ‘d have to believe that Aniston has been almost constantly pregnant for years.Jennifer Aniston has

been pregnant for the previous 7 years.One Twitter user said Jennifer has actually been pregnant since the nineties and asked, tongue-in-cheek, who the dad is.If my sources are to be thought, Jennifer Aniston has actually been(secretly )pregnant considering that the mid-1990’s. WHOS THE DADDY JEN ???? Jennifer has for years been” pestered”by constant reports that she’s pregnant and there’s no concern that the false stories

get on her nerves. The pregnancy rumors surrounded Aniston and her spouse, Justin Theroux, right as much as the Oscars, so it’s no surprise that a brand-new one would spring up afterward.Hollywood Take reports that Aniston and Theroux are not”consumedwith expanding their household”regardless of all reports of IVF treatment, surrogate pregnancy, and adoption.” Some stories insisted that”Aniston was pregnant and alone”due to the fact that Theroux had left her.But Theroux and Aniston are “much better than ever”and were clearly” smitten “with each other at the Oscars. They so enjoyed each other’s company that they didn’t bother with the red carpet. Jennifer and Justin, who had actually just returned from a Mexican beach vacation to commemorate Jennifer’s birthday, made their way silently into the hall, content to be together and unconcerned about impressing the waiting crowds. Jennifer especially valued Theroux’s quiet support considering that she needed to lead the In Memoriam section of the evening. Many greats died in 2016 that it would constantly have been challenging, but Aniston was very near Bill Paxton, whose death was so near to the day of the Oscars that organizers were unable to consist of Paxton in the conventional Oscars montage. Jennifer Aniston choked up when she mentioned the late Costs Paxton at the Oscars. [Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]

Exactly what do you think? Was Hilton puzzling Jennifer Aniston with Natalie Portman? Do you wish that Aniston would have a child with Justin Theroux?

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