Come on in – the water’s lovely: the most recent patterns in high-end pools

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F rom dance floorings that withdraw to reveal hidden watery depths to swimming in your living space, we take a look at the current patterns in cool pools.Moveable floorings

A big trend in high-end houses is to have a covert pool– a dance flooring or entertaining space that becomes a swimming pool at the swipe of an iPad. Or some owners just lower the floor a fraction to leave a shallow pool decorated with tea lights as a water feature.”It’s a terrific option for a multi-functional area. One client had an orchestra to play in the room prior to opening it up to the pool,”says Dominic Searle of Aqua Platinum, who has designed the surprise pool with hydraulic moveable floor at Hadley Home in High Barnet. The portable flooring pool in Kensington.I f you budget ₤ 300,000

to construct a swimming pool, double it to turn it into a retractable one. Or extra yourself the inconvenience and buy the in its own right, then Lazy Lizard– a five-acre estate home on the private Caribbean island of Jumby Bay, available to lease from$11,995 a night– has a 6,000 sq feet pool that any hotel would take pride in. British designer Andrew Goodenough has actually chosen a Thai-inspired style, with a lots structures real estate numerous rooms dotted around the free-form pool, which consists of a drifting dining area. Undersea swimming pools at a high-end rental property in the Algarve.T he upmarket< a href= rel=nofollow > Quinta do Lago resort on the Algarve is known

as much for its cutting-edge modern estates as its golf– but

one new-build vacation home, designed by the German designer Jutta Hoehn, has a feature like no other: 5 inter-connecting swimming pools whose depths can be translucented the wall-to-wall windows of the spaces in the light, intense basement. The six-bedroom golf-front villa, on sale for EUR6.995 million, is a vision in white minimalism– and its undersea spaces are rather a view to get up a start– otherwise you can’t have a good swim– and he thinks large pools are meaningless.”In my home in the Luberon, I have a pool that’s 22m longand just two-metres broad-simply enough for a single person,”he states. The basement swimming pool at Tregunter Roadway comfortably allows two to swim in tandem and is lit by natural light from above. comparable effect is at play in another Chelsea basement, whose pool developed by Aqua Platinum has a seamless shift with a wall on 3 sides.

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