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SA ranked 2nd worst in International Maths and Science Study

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Great news everybody, we’re no longer the shittiest nation on the list, however second-last, and according to minister Angie Motshekga that’s

definitely worth celebrating.The minister celebrated our enhanced ranking in the most recent Trends in International Maths and Science Study (TIMSS) in a BusinessTech reports that South Africa can be found in 2nd last out of 48 nations for Grade 4 mathematics, 2nd last for Grade 8 mathematics and last for Grade 8 science out of 38 countries.According to the paper

, we even cheated on our tests for the study, as our Grade 4 tests were done by Grade 5 students and Grade 8 tests were done by Grade 9’s. Never ever one to be put down

by cold difficult facts, Motshekga bragged that South Africa was leading the pack in Africa when it came to the study, despite the fact that we actually came last out of all 59 African countries on the list.As constantly, the DA was there to keep things real, with shadow minister of education Gavin Davis giving oll ‘Angie a piece of his mind.”Instead of spinning the outcomes to cast her federal government in a good light, Minister

Motshekga must be engaging with the results frankly and honestly with a view to dramatically enhancing the system,”Davis said.< meta itemprop =datePublished material =2016-11-30T13:08:01 +00:00 >

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