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How to paint a wall

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Painting is one of the most popular do-it- yourself jobs and if you’ve ever painted a room, opportunities are you have actually slipped up or more along the way. Customer Reports’ paint expert says you can prevent typical blunders with a couple of easy tips.You can cut in with a brush like the pros but Customer Reports states if you’re an amateur the $3 edger is an excellent tool to try. To avoid drips, use the roller to use paint instead of dipping the edger.When it’s time to

cover the walls the professional states keep in mind the 4 S’s. You saturate the roller. You smear the paint on the wall, you spread it out and then finally you simply smooth it over to get a good surface. A common error is to not get sufficient paint on your roller. You need to fill the roller to the point where the paint’s nearly dripping off. If you do not do that you’re going have to put on a second coat.Next, in a 2×2 section, smear the paint on the wall in an X, V or W pattern. After that you can spread out the paint to cover the whole area. Then, you’ll wish to smooth the roller from top to bottom. Continue till you have actually got all the wall covered.And to conserve time and money use a paint and primer in one like this suggested Behr Premium Plus Ultra. You can discover that suggested Behr paint in your home Depot for about $36 a can. If you’re a Lowes shopper Valspar Reserve for about $44 a gallon carried out extremely excellent in Customer Reports tests. And remember, if you like a color from another brand name you can match either of these suggestions to any color you like. All you require is a sample.Complete Ratings and recommendations on all kinds of items, including appliances, cars and trucks & trucks, and electronic gear, are offered on Customer Reports’website. Subscribe to All Customer Reports Material Copyright © 2017 Customers Union of U.S. Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Consumer Reports is a not-for-profit company that does decline advertising and does not have any commercial relationship with any marketer

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