Google Reveals 55M Chromecasts Sold To Date

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Google Announces 55M Chromecasts Offered To Date

Alexander Maxham During today’s Google event in San Francisco, the company revealed some numbers, consisting of the number of Chromecasts sold to date. After revealing the first Chromecast in 2013, and offering it for just$35, Google has managed to offer 55 million units. There are three Chromecast models, so far, that include the very first generation, the second generation and after that the Chromecast Ultra which was created particularly for those searching for 4K content.The Chromecast was revealed in 2013 as a bit of a surprise for many. It was not dripped at all, but it was announced together with the Nexus 7 2013. The Chromecast in fact started Google’s newest entry into the living room, after failing with Google TELEVISION. Chromecast is a little dongle, that plugs into the HDMI port on the back of your TV. It then can be plugged into a USB port on the back of your TELEVISION or plugged into the wall for power. It essentially makes your TV smarter than it was in the past. Allowing users to go ahead and “cast” content to their TV and using their smart device, tablet or perhaps laptop as the controller. It at first introduced with a few apps support, however because then it has actually included countless compatible apps, including everybody’s favorites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Now and numerous more.Back when the Chromecast released, there weren’t lots of choices for making your TV smarter, besides simply purchasing a wise TELEVISION. Android TELEVISION didn’t exist then, and Roku was truly the only choice. Smart TV operating systems weren’t really user-friendly, which’s partially why the Chromecast did so well when it launched. Google made it super simple to setup and usage. Google released the Chromecast for just $35, damaging the Roku Streaming TV stick at the time, which was priced at $50. Which made it an immediate buy for a great deal of users. Chromecast is still offered for purchase, with the Chromecast Ultra costing $69, due to the reality that it is a 4K capable Chromecast that does require a more powerful processor and also has an Ethernet port built in, it makes sense that it costs about twice as much.


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