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The best ways to grow an arm

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Illustration by Todd Detwiler

To carry out electrical currents, the injury website must remain wet and protected from air, which would dry it out and expose the wound to infection. Cosmetic surgeons put this sleeve over the site. Made from silicone, rubber, and silk, it imitates the water environment of a womb.Illustration by Todd Detwiler The sleeve includes drugs that can manipulate the body & rsquo; s ion channels, hollow proteins that rest on the surface of cells letting charged molecules move in and out, thus changing a cell & rsquo; s charge and its signaling to other cells throughout the body.Illustration by Todd Detwiler The cells & rsquo; bioelectric signals influence the action and direction of genes, serving as a sort

of software code for the entire body. As soon as the

signal to divide cells is offered, a cascading effect takes place, and the body will start the natural process of growing an arm.Illustration by Todd Detwiler The procedure is as fast as typical human fetal development. That indicates a 25-year-old solder who lost an arm to a roadside bomb would have to wait a years, up until the age of 35

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