Star Wars And Stranger Things Highlight Google Pixel 2 AR Sticker labels

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Google is bringing AR Sticker labels later on this year to its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones that react to the other stickers as well as the world around them.I got to see a demonstration of the new feature with Google’s Clay Bavor. He showed how you can put numerous AR stickers in a single area and size them to your liking. I saw, for example, 2 versions of the demogorgon from Complete stranger Things. One was life size and the other stood action figure-sized on the table. He also positioned Eleven from the program in the area and she right away interacted with the creature. The lighting on the AR characters also changes dynamically too, so the digital characters look more realistically inserted into the scene no matter the environment.

< video autoplay loop soft poster= > Just like the brand-new Daydream View demo, I was impressed by the quality of the speakers on the brand-new Pixel 2. A shouting demogorgon is disconcerting when you hear it coming out of that phone. Bavor likewise positioned the characters in a hallway at Google’s offices, then strolled down a various hallway and returned and both characters were in the precise same place in the genuine world.Google will be working with Disney on Star Wars AR Sticker labels, and is producing a series of

meaningful food products that look tuned for sharing on social networks. The feature is unique to the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Tagged with:,