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Palm Desert, CA –

“Hey Marina it’s Scott with KIXHot Nation,” Scott Sear leaves a voicemail for a listener who won tickets to the Path 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. He’s the marketing and promotions director for KIX Hot Country radio station. Scott says due to the fact that their station has actually been with the festival given that its inception and is heard from the Salton Sea to Yucca Valley, they distributed lots of tickets.The popular nation music station broadcasts live from the occasion every year, he says Path 91 Harvest is the definition of enjoyable, safety is never ever a concern and is a diverse, family event., “It’s our preferred celebration, we anticipate it every year,” he states.

He says he had just left the show when he shooting, “Our primary concern was getting in touch with everyone of our listeners to make sure they’re alright … our listeners are family.”

So he right away believed about his personnel, devoted listeners and pals who existed and got to work aiming to track everybody to make certain they were okay.For Scott

, that night went on permanently, “It felt like my children were there … I was calling … I think I stopped texting people most likely about 5:30 a.m. so I could get some rest and most likely like 6 a.m. I woke up and was right back on it,” including that every okay he got was an event, “a smile on my face and then right on the prize sheet a big o.k.”

He states luckily, his personnel all made it out fine, “He was driving and gunshots were going and next thing you understand he has a blowout … they had a vehicle complete of people they ended up driving about 20 minutes away from the celebration just to get away.”

As far as their listeners, there’s just one he hasn’t been able to reach, but for him, one is too lots of, so while he believes she’s all right, he’ll keep aiming to reach her until he hears her voice.

“Um, just wished to provide you a call once again and just to make sure you are fine and everything is excellent,”We’re not going to pull back.”

Scott says he and his personnel are committed to supporting their extended family of devoted listeners and everyone impacted by this disaster. It’s clear KIX Hot Country is all heart.


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