SL County Mayor wishes to re-open Oxbow Prison after “Operation Rio Grande”

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SALT LAKE CITY– Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams desires to re-open the shuttered Oxbow Prison, in part because of increased pressures from a crackdown on criminal offense surrounding the downtown homeless shelters.In his 2018 budget

discussion to the Salt Lake County Council on Tuesday, the mayor proposed re-opening it to maximize 300 beds. In addition, the county would end agreements it has with other counties to house inmates.The Salt Lake County Prison has faced a bed capture in part since of Operation Rio Grande, which has resulted in more than 1,000 arrests in a crackdown on the criminal component that preys upon individuals around the downtown homeless shelters. Opening the Oxbow Prison would cost about$9 million

. Far, Mayor McAdams stated he plans to ask the Utah State Legislature to cover up to$3 million through the duration of “Operation Rio Grande. ” The county would need to come up with funds to cover the remaining $7 million.”We’re going to get some short-term help from the state to re-open the Oxbow Jail, ideally. Then we would have to soak up that within the county spending plan when those state funds are not readily available,”the mayor informed reporters.The Oxbow Jail has been opened and closed repeatedly, mainly due to financial problems and Mayor McAdams acknowledged the county

will need to keep funding it.In his 2018 budget proposal, the mayor pledged no brand-new taxes. He said he wanted to keep funding the Equestrian Park in South

Jordan and open five new libraries throughout Salt Lake County.

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