Michael Jackson, David Bowie amongst top-earning dead celebs

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For the 5th year running, Michael Jackson has tallied more posthumous incomes than other dead celebrity.In keeping with Halloween, Forbes have released their yearly list of the Leading 13 highest-grossing deceased performers, with MJ topping the listing. Michael’s post-death revenues in the last year reached an extraordinary $75 million, in part to his Cirque du Soleil program in Las Vegas, Thriller musical in London’s West End, and his stake in EMI’s music publishing catalogue.Michael’s estate also recently launched Scream, a horror themed collection including some of Michael’s scarier, more ominous songs. The collection reached Number 9 on the Authorities Albums Chart.The famous entertainer made a much higher$825 million in 2016, down mainly to the sale of his of Sony and ATV’s rewarding music catalogue. MORE:< a href= http://officialcharts.com/artist/16519/michael-jackson/ target=_ blank > Michael Jackson’s complete UK songs and albums chart history revealed Michael’s earning put him on par with the 17th top-grossing alive performer, Bruce Springsteen.Elsewhere on the list, which

likewise features golfer Arnold Palmer and cartoonist Charles Schulz, is Elvis Presley, who made more cash($

35 million )than the exact same period a year prior. Forbes’rundown is based upon pretax earnings from October 15, 2016 through October 15, 2017. Ending up a spot behind Elvis at Number 5 on the list is Bob Marley, with incomes of$23 million, while Tom Petty is the most recently

departed in the Top 13. Associating with a hectic visiting schedule in the last months of his life, Tom’s estate is worth$ 20 million and he is the sixth highest-earning dead celebrity.Finally, Prince ranks 7th ($ 18 million ), John Lennon 9th($ 12 million), and David Bowie 11th on $9.5 million.The Top 13 highest-earning dead stars are

:1. Michael Jackson -$75 million 2. Arnold Palmer -$40 million 3. Charles Schulz-$ 38 million 4

. Elvis Presley-$35 million 5. Bob Marley-23 million 6. Tom Petty – $20 million
7. Prince – $18 million
8. Dr. Suess – $16 million
9. John Lennon – $12 million
10. Albert Einstein -$10 million 11. David Bowie -$9.5 million 12. Elizabeth Taylor-$8 million 13. Bettie Page-$7.5
million Image: Rex/Shutterstock

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