Fitness instructor accused of beating child during workout – Story

BRANDON (FOX 13) – Michael Hernandez was a fitness instructor at Stage 5 fitness in Brandon now he is under arrest for kid abuse.On Thursday, deputies say he made an 11-year-old young boy continuously hold up a weighted bar. When the young boy got exhausted and reduced the bar, deputies state Hernandez, who is 6’tall and weighs 350 pounds, physically punished him.”He supposedly made use of a PVC pipeline to beat the child throughout his back and lower legs to the point the kid suffered from extreme bruising,”said Larry McKinnon with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.Records suggest the event would have happened after regular organisation hours, when Hernandez was not expected to be on the property. He has given that been fired.While corporal punishment, like spanking, is legal in Florida deputies say this pounding was too much.

“I could not imagine what his thought process was to believe this was difficult love but it’s not. It’s a kind of abuse

,” McKinnon said.The 35-year-old Hernandez was arrested and charged with kid abuse. A Phase 5 member called the allegations”shocking.”” You should not strike the kids. There are other methods,”stated Megan Butler

, a fitness center member.”I understand Mike as a trainer. He’s a

fantastic trainer and an enjoyable guy to be around … It’s very stunning,” stated another member,

Wikly Compfort.Investigators said the victim was known to Hernandez, but the specific relationship in between them was unclear.The owner of Phase 5 told FOX 13 he just learned of the claims. Hernandez was released from jail on$2000 bond.Posted: Nov 14 2017 09:09 PM EST Video Posted: Nov 14 2017 11:16 PM EST