CLOSE President Donald Trump hinted he's open to fixing the North Korea crisis peacefully. Officials

in Pyongyang state the damage is already done. Video provided by Newsy Newslook< img itemprop=url src = alt="AP TRUMP PUTIN I SUBMIT DEU"data-mycapture-src= data-mycapture-sm-src = > President Trump, right, consults with Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, at the G-20 top in Hamburg on July 7, 2017. The 2 leaders wish to fulfill on the sidelines of an conference of Asian leaders in Da Nang, Vietnam, Friday, Nov. 10, 2017.(Picture: Evan Vucci, AP) COMMENT E-MAILMORE When President Trump likely meets

RussianPresident Vladimir Putin throughout a top in Vietnam, all eyes will be on how they connect and whether they can concur on controversial issues.Trump and Putin

could fulfill Friday or Saturday in Da Nang on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) conference. Even prior to leaving last week for his 12-day Asia journey, Trump stressed the significance of meeting with Putin,

informing Fox News:"Putin is essential since they can assist us with North Korea. They can assist us with Syria. We have to discuss Ukraine."But any conference comes amid a continuous U.S. investigation of alleged collusion in 2015 in between Russia and Trump's presidential campaign. Watch for any indications of awkward body language when they are together in public. The 2 leaders fulfilled for the very first time in July at the G-20 summit in Hamburg.Mike McFaul, a previous U.S. ambassador to Russia who used to set up such conferences for President Barack Obama, kept in mind that Trump has a more casual style than professional politicians and freely praised Putin in the past."Thinking about the scenario in the house, I do not think it helps for him to speak with Putin that way," McFaul said."He ought to concentrate on compound and more professional diplomatic engagement instead of this schmoozing."Steven Pifer, who advised previous presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush on Russia and Ukraine, stated Trump must demand an official meeting with Putin. And Trump could look bad if he consults with Putin"

and absolutely nothing comes out of it,"stated Pifer, who's now at the Brookings Institution.Here are several subjects the 2 leaders might talk about: North Korea Trump, speaking in South Korea on Tuesday

, said all countries, consisting of Russia, have to do their part to isolate North Korea to push leader Kim Jong Un to abandon his nuclear weapons and missile programs. The reclusive nation has evaluated 6 nuclear devices, its

most effective one on Sept. 3

. North Korea has likewise launched 23 rocket tests because Trump took office, including an intercontinental ballistic rocket on July 4 efficient in reaching the United States mainland. Trump in Seoul also got in touch with all nations,"consisting of China and Russia,"to fully carry out United Nations sanctions on North Korea, to downgrade diplomatic relations with the North and to"sever all ties of trade and technology."< aside itemprop=associatedMedia itemscope itemtype= > President Trump(Photo: Lee Jin-Man, AFP/Getty Images)The U.S. desires Russia and others to stop using thousands of North Korean workers-- Trump called them servants-- in building and construction and timber industries, offering essential profits for Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and rockets programs. The U.S. is likewise worried that

as China cuts downontrade with North Korea, Russia is getting

a few of the slack.Asked about Russia's position on the issue, Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov stated,"Let us wait until our presidents hold contacts,"the main Tass Russian News Agency reported.Iran nuclear offer Trump desires to reinforce or renegotiate parts of the deal to limit Iran's nuclear activities in return for the lifting of international sanctions, which was negotiated by the U.S., China, France, Germany, Russia and the

United Kingdom throughout the Obama administration.Putin has promised to stay in the Iran offer, and Peskov has cautioned of "very unfavorable consequences "for local security and nuclear expansion efforts if the U.S. takes out of the contract.

Countering Iranian

influence Trump has actually vowed to reduce what he calls Iran's destabilizing activities in the Middle East, specifically in Syria and Lebanon. Russia's military support for Syrian President Bashar Assad in Syria's lengthy civil war indicates Putin might exert some impact on

Iran, which has given Assad military advisers and countless fighters. The recent resignation of Lebanon's prime minister, Saad Hariri, leaves that country's Iran-backed Hezbollah in a stronger position.With much of Syria now under the control of forces loyal to Assad, Russia is thinking about a partial

drawdown of its forces, according to Tass.Jon Huntsman, the United States ambassador to Russia, met Wednesday with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov to go over a possible settlement in Syria. Other subjects consisted of "resistance to terrorism "and political settlements on the Korean peninsula and in eastern Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated. U.S. sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and the 2016 election The Trump administration has been sluggish to carry out sanctions that Congress imposed on Russia for supporting anti-government forces in Ukraine and for Moscow's supposed function in the 2016 presidential election. While Trump rejects that Russians played any part in his

victory, the delay implies the president could have some take advantage of to pressure Putin. Putin has proposed a U.N. peacekeeping force to lower the violence in the former Soviet republic, where 10,000 Ukrainians have actually died because 2014. He stated peacekeepers need to protect Russian-speaking individuals in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, where much of the fighting occurred.Kurt Volker, the United States special agent for Ukraine settlements,

recently called the Russian proposition worth considering, however explained that peacekeepers are needed in the entire eastern Ukraine region, not just where the battling is.U.S. and European sanctions versus Russia are costing Putin's inner circle, so the peacekeeping proposal might offer the Russian president"a dignified method out," stated Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former NATO chief who is now foreign policy

adviser to Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko. More: Analysis: War with China? Trump, U.S. seek to avoid clash More: Trump practiced Art of the Deal in China. Experts say it may not resolve long-lasting challenges More: Let's 'make a deal': Trump moderates tone on North Korea, at least in the meantime More: Trump warns North Korea not to'attempt us

'with nuclear weapons

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