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Brazilian trainees imitate Nazi human experiments for science fair

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< img alt height= 580 src= width=880 > A banner reading”Nazi laboratory”hanging at the Milecimo da Silva high school in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.(Screenshot from Facebook

)RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA)– Brazilian high school students simulated medical experiments that the Nazis conducted on prisoner-of-war camp prisoners during the Holocaust.The trainees at

Milecimo da Silva high school in Rio De Janeiro were just recently assigned to re-create a Nazi laboratory for a science fair. Inning accordance with the Brazilian Israelite Confederations, the nation’s umbrella Jewish group, the purpose of the exhibition was to highlight the expected scientific progress made by Nazi doctors operating in concentration camps.Photos published on Facebook reveal a red banner hung in

the school with swastikas and white letters saying “Nazi lab.”In the darkened fake blood-stained “lab,” students playing medical professionals use medical uniforms and swastika armbands. Others pretend to be suffering patients.The Rio State Department of Education apparently has actually opened an investigation to

identify whether the school promoted Nazism, which is punishable by as much as five years in jail and a fine.

Students at Milecimo da Silva high school mimicing Nazi human experiments in Rio De Janeiro. (Screenshot from Facebook)

During World War II, a variety of German doctors– especially Josef Mengele– conducted uncomfortable and typically deadly experiments on countless prisoner-of-war camp prisoners without their approval. The experiments looked for to improve the performance of Nazi soldiers and advance the Nazis’ racial ideology, consisting of the inability of Jews, 6 countless whom were eradicated during the Holocaust.In April, a third-grade class in a personal school in Recife, in northeastern Brazil, was embellished with Nazi flags during a lesson on totalitarian routines. The teacher wore a Nazi armband. The school later on praised him on social media for the lesson.After facing criticism, the school’s officials yielded that the tone of their post was inappropriate and took it down, however they refused to ask forgiveness for the lesson, inning accordance with the local Jewish federation.

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