Here’s exactly what a professional makes of this golf shot Donald Trump published to Twitter

Here’s exactly what a professional makes from this golf shot Donald Trump published to Twitter

On the Japan leg of his Asia trip, United States President Donald Trump played a round of golf with Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, and Japanese golf player, Hideki Matsuyama, before publishing a video of one of his shots to Twitter.The president’s love of golf is popular, however just how good is Trump on the course?– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

November 5, 2017 Ben Mason has 18 years as a golf expert behind him, and has been coaching for seven years, currently working at Sheffield-based business, iGolfStudio– exactly what, if anything, could he inform from the clip Trump published to social media?”It isn’t easy to make a comprehensive

technical analysis of the swing from a Twitter video, “said Ben. “The camera angle is not fantastic, it’s certainly at full speed, and I do not know what his intended or resultant ball flight was.”That aside, this is exactly what I see,”he added.

“The swing looks to have great rhythm and circulation to it

,”continued Ben.” The strike sounded very crisp and strong, and the lower body seems rotating truly well through impact.”< img src= >(AP)Nevertheless, Ben did mention a location where Trump might want to improve, based upon the clip.”The back swing is rather brief and the transition

looks a little rushed. This triggers the swing to have an’in-and-over ‘aim to it,”he stated.

“The hands and club move inwardly in the back swing. The hands then move external and the left arm leaves from the body, which gives

the swing an’ over the leading’want to it, and we see a bit of a chicken wing on the follow through as a result. “If President Trump might keep the club head outside the hands more in the take away, the club would then have the ability to fall back him in the second half of the back swing.”He would then develop more length to his swing, which would give him a smoother transition, and the swing would have less of an’in-and-over’ planning to it.” Ben did mention that

total, the president looked”an extremely proficient golfer,”going on to state: “I make sure with the quantity of golf facilities he owns, he will have been fortunate enough to have actually

taken lessons from some of the very best trainers in the world.”Want us to email you the leading news stories each lunch break?