COP23: Calif.’s Jerry Brown on how to beat Trump on climate modification

“America’s Pledge” in response to Trump’s plans to pull the U.S. from the Paris Accord. DW talked to him at COP23 Renewable Resource Day in Bonn, Germany.More: Is China really stepping up as the world’s new climate leader?Deutsche Welle: What are the bottom lines of this pledge?Jerry Brown: First

of all, it’s to say to the remainder of the world that

America remains in– we remain in the Paris Accord. We have to keep the temperature below a 2-degree centigrade increase, and we’re going to do that not with the federal government, since the federal government is on vacation with regard to climate change.But California, New york city remains in– also the states of Washington, Oregon, Virginia, New Jersey.

And then in addition in the states, we have hundreds of cities. We have corporations and universities. We represent practically half of America.So there is a large part of America– well over a majority– that is devoted to major climate action, because we know global warming is an existential threat. If we do not get at it right away with definitive steps, we’ll all suffer, and all the problems we have now from immigration to severe weather occasions, inequality, will all get worse. America’s Pledge is filling the space left by Donald Trump’s declaration that he was to pull out of Paris. Do you think that local and state federal government policy and action can comprise the difference?Jerry Brown: No, they cannot make up the difference.
However rather of doing absolutely nothing, we’re doing something– pending a new president or pending a conversion experience on the part of Donald Trump, due to the fact that his statement that he believes environment change is a scam produced by the Chinese government is so outrageous, it’s such a fairytale, that it’s hard to think that he thinks it. Maybe he’ll change his mind when other pressures pertain to bear.California’s already working on emission decreases, and is making development in sectors like energy and movement. How does it strategy to decarbonize?Jerry Brown: Our big issue is lorries: trucks and cars and trucks. That’s over 40%of our greenhouse gases.And there we desire to get zero-emission automobiles. We desire the German car manufacturers to realize we desire zero-emission cars– we do not desire those old diesel cars, even if they fix this issue. We need to

go to the”new”— that’s exactly what China wants, that’s exactly what California desires. And together, we are the greatest market.At the”America’s Pledge”event, protesters stated that oil produced in California is among the world’s dirtiest, and they implicate California of having oil-friendly policies. Is a phase-out of oil production in California prepared, especially considering the restricted carbon spending plan that we have left?Jerry Brown: Yes, some of the oil– but not all the oil– is quite dirty.

And yes, we will have the ability to phase down production. It would be rather hypocritical to state that in California, where we have rigid ecological controls on oil drilling, that we will shut that down and we’ll go to other nations, where there are far poorer people, with far worse contamination and extremely lax ecological rules.We have actually heard that argument with Norway– Norway is also an oil-producing country that has an extremely favorable environment policy otherwise. However you do not think that this will then jeopardize California’s track record as a climate leader?Jerry Brown: Well, if we stopped the 32 million vehicles(and) stated you cannot utilize oil, the entire economy would collapse. You ‘d have a revolution. There ‘d be shooting in the streets– and you could not do that, and nobody would do that. Exactly what you’re stating is, stop the energy that goes into all these vehicles, however do not stop the cars and trucks. And it’s not meaningful. Now, yes, we will phase-down our oil consumption, but we have a strategy: a cap, a limitation on GHGs.That’s the secret: minimize general CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. And we’re doing that. We’ve dropped 5%thisyear. We have a plan to drop 40% below 1990 by 2030– a really heroic effort. And it’s not one thing; it’s many things. (Lowering greenhouse gas emissions) requires renewable resource, efficient buildings, efficient appliances, a cap-and-trade system, a low-carbon fuel requirement– it takes numerous things.This is a really imbedded market, and we require a really sophisticated action to minimize it. So I comprehend exactly what people are stating, however it’s part of a bigger photo.

And gestures are not practical– we require techniques and action.California has unique legal status in the United States to be able to develop its own policies in locations like air contamination– but this could be challenged by the federal government. Do you think that will take place, and if so, what may be the outcome?Jerry Brown: Well, we’ve been challenged before: Under the Bush administration, the California emission rules were challenged, and we only conquered that challenge with the election of Obama. And now, under the Obama administration, our California rules were put into guideline. That is an evidence-based procedure– and Trump simply can’t change a rule. He needs to go through an evidence-based process. And the independent courts will make sure that process is truthful and has integrity.So I believe that he will be long preceded our policies are in any method changed.How do you see the future of the federal U.S. government with relation to the Paris Agreement?Jerry Brown: I believe the federal government is treading water. They have actually type of ended up being

like Saturday Night Live, or a comedy program. They’re generating a coal company to teach the Europeans how to clean up the environment. It’s nearly double-speak(like in George Orwell’s book 1984). No one’s going to take it seriously. The bubble of the severe radicals that support Trump– they like it. It’s red meat for them. They chew on it, and feel great, however they represent no greater than 35 to 40%. How about the argument that a switch to eco-friendly energy is going to cost a great deal of jobs?Jerry Brown: That is among the ridiculous stories that we

call a” Trumpism.” The truth of the matter is that California, with its strong renewableenergy, its really significant greenhouse gas reduction set of policies– our economy grows faster than the nationwide average. I believe that is very good proof that green energy, wind, solar, new electricity grid, battery storage, electric cars and trucks, hydrogen automobiles– all of these create new tasks, the jobs of the future.What can individuals do? Exactly what is your message to the people?Jerry Brown: The individuals can choose prospects who take climate change seriously. Number two, they can alter their own behavior: in the cars they own, or how often they walk, the meals, the way they prepare, the technologies that they buy, even something as simple as lightbulbs. We can all do our part– but individually, it won’t suffice.

We need cumulative leadership on the part of governments all over to really decarbonize the world. And that’s exactly what I’m devoted to seeing done.More: Michael Bloomberg:’Nothing Washington can do to stop’action to curb environment modification Facebook Climate modification activists march

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